25 November 2009

Oh... My... God !

I will begin by defining the word "Nitro-damn" - Any saying from the legendary Nitrodamus that wishes harm upon anyone else's feelings. I came across a few such nitrodamns which I intend to share with you in the near future.

So, I really got bored watching movies during this vacation that I started a poll. "Which FRIENDS character do I resemble the most?" with a single intention. To blog. I had just recently concluded my first ever viewing of all ten seasons of the series in order and loved it. So, came up with this poll just to see what people would say so that I can write about it. Ash de Notre-dames (the above mentioned Nitrodamus, if you are part of the majority who didn't read this) mentioned something about a funny-dumb-poll in his book "Prophecies? Do you care?" (Available in black market for a hundred bucks!) I am not sure if he was referring to this poll or the voting they might do before giving the Nobel Peace Prize, but I have my theories.

I believed that the outcome would be so heroically Joey that I could start this post with "How you doin'?"
It didn't turn out that way, though. Without much ado, the results!

Character  Votes  Percentage
---------    -----   ----------
Chandler    22.5      80.35%
Ross          2.5         8.93%
Gunther     1             3.57%
Mike         1             3.57%
Joey          1             3.57%

To begin with, most 'Chandler' voters confirmed that their choice was based only on the asocialness of his character and 'the way he speaks' (Note: Nothing else). Some went great lengths to assure me that they chose Chandler only because the question was framed in such a way that they had to choose the closest character, however far that may be. The sadder part is that I've hardly spoken to the only person who voted ~Joey~ (a super senior of mine from college).

Two votes were not counted in this exercise. One voted for a 'feebee' because it was the only character he knew. :) The other vote was for Cassius, whoever that may be! (Yes, that was Poochi's vote). One interesting observation is that the two girls who participated in this survey accounted for 1.5 votes for Ross and the other Ross vote was from a guy who talks to girls twenty seven hours in a day, and hence subject to taking girly decisions. Interesting, no? Girls believe I am the geek who can't flirt. Got to admit, I should have known I had that coming.

Anyway, Looking forward to Monica! :)

PS: Chandler's supposed to want to be like Joey, no?


  1. You are Ross. Mandai!

  2. Another girl.
    Another one for Ross.
    Definitely something there.

    Am I that much of a technical geek? Or do I make suchha fool outta myself? :P

  3. People who think I am Ross should write to people at my workplace.

    At times, I get this look that could only mean, "This guy is an Engineer? He's a circus buffoon for crying out loud!"

  4. Ha ha I like this!

  5. dai naye ......
    enna da otta selaatha ootu aakiti eh da :-(

  6. from the posts , it looks like ross is a 'technical tornado' ....

    appa sathayama ivan ROSS ah irukka vaipe illa :-P

  7. Dude, why do u want to advertise yourself there? I didn't mention your name!

    Thirundave mata da nee.

  8. Joey??! what made you think so? :) :)

  9. De Muni,

    I got 1 vote for joey till I posted this. Got one more afterwards.

    That makes it 2 / 30 ie 6.67% !

    ...and of course, If you can be a rowdy, I can be anybody!!

  10. wotever it is Chandler is unconditionally hot..
    u hv some serious reasons to cheer up here! :D

  11. @wildflower Totally agree, but think of this from Chandler's perspective.

    Before London, if given a chance to swap lives with anyone, any guess what Chandler would have chosen? :)

  12. gawwk... am sputtering away at this one...seriously funny...

    and in case your looking for my vote...

    add it to the "feebee" guy :)

  13. "At times, I get this look that could only mean, "This guy is an Engineer? He's a circus buffoon for crying out loud!"" I think that answers it all as to why Ross. :D I think the Ross factor might be because you might have an affinity to dinosaurs?? :D And I would vote for,Hmm, Ultimately Chandler I guess, but then hey, I've always liked chandler. :D