20 December 2009

The book that might not be published

I watched Fulham beat ManU three goals to zero and ran around the room in delight at the six point lead Chelsea can now have if they don't do anything silly against the Hammers. The bigger lead it is now, the more points we can afford to give away during the African Cup of nations. Chelsea without Essien or Drogba...*Shudders*

Wait a minute. That was for the other blog.

This is about one of the 'book-things' I write which no lab-rat-reader seems to understand. "The first two chapters were very funny, dude. After that, ...er... I didn't get most of what's written. It was kind of sad and exhaustive. Maybe you should lighten it up a little. That's where the stage is set for a thriller, right?"

Normal feedback, no?

The first two chapters were not supposed to be funny. The rest of them were.

( Locks himself in room and thinks about his future as an author. *Shudders* )

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