29 December 2010

Crumble, Tumble, Rumble, Grumble

The world crumbles. I can hear it.

Will it lead to a whole new world?
Will that world be good?
Will the new crumble too
or will it stand its ground?

Will it be a political change
or will it be a mindset change?
Will it be a change of plans
or will we stare ahead with nothing in hand?
Will the new world be full of good
or will the baddies win the game?

Will this crumbling lead us anywhere
or is this that math e thing that never leads to zero?
Wait... is anything crumbling at all
or are we just hearing noises?

Bah, let it all be. Why bother?
I have a class at six o clock.
Good night, mes amis.
I go back to my dreams.

26 December 2010

All noise and no action

I am amazed by the high quantities of Congress and BJP bashing on my wall... I don't see why many of you get angry about 2G, Adarsh or CWG and vent it out on FB...

I don't understand why today's Magazine carries articles on these and more of our 'democracy' issues.

After all, like a wise man once said, we, as a society, have only got the Government we SO deserve.

19 December 2010

Games CEOs play

This is regarding a piece by the same title in the day's Bangalore Mirror (Sun, Dec 19, 2010).

Seems that a CEO plays Table Tennis to gain "perseverance and patience", another plays Snakes & ladders to understand that "the only person that can make you quit is you" and to top it all, a CEO of a marketing company feels "cycling helps him set targets and go after them".

As far as I knew, one played a sport to either have some fun or make it big professionally, in which case, you inch towards perfection (I guess, even this is only about fun... You tend to do some things for life because you love those things, yes?).

When you want to 'learn' stuff from every darn thing you do... I can only offer you my heartiest condolences.

Ah, I am a reductionist these days. Pity.

28 November 2010

Meet Cruyell Corfin

Lights all around! This was an occasion... The Survivor Series! Thousands cheering.


Announcer: "Round 3. Survivor Series. Corfin vs Aswin."

Urm... this could get difficult now...

Corfin was the boxing champ from America, and he'd busted innumerable people before I met him for the championship. 19 people were knocked out in his last season and many others barely crawled out of the ring.

Corfin smiled, and I knew from the look in his eyes that he was just waiting for the referee to back out so that he could launch at me. This bloody round would go on for 1 hour 15 minutes!

Round 1 was pretty much one-sided. I should admit I was taken by surprise. I expected this guy to be no better than his cousin from Italy and champion there, Freaky Finac. I won against him pretty easily despite the hype, and I must thank my coach for that, and expected to break Corfin's nose in the first round. Within a minute in Round 1 this time, I knew I was lost. Had a punch on my left ear that floored me and missed a tooth soon afterwards. Managed to score 8 miserable points against his 50.

The referee backed out. As expected, he went for a right hand swing to my ear. Ha, you can't knock me cold with that every single time, Cruyell Corfin! I ducked out just in time and was looking for his next move. His defences were strong; so, I had to understand his attacks and find a weakness there...

Round 2 was slightly better, as in, I could walk at the end of it and my world wasn't spinning around me. It was still a below average performance from me, largely because my coach here was right plain dumb. With all my experience, I managed to block most of his attempts and even hit him on the face once. At the end of it, I knew I needed a different coach for runtime help and asked the awesome PCN to analyse the game so far. Got a few techniques and was running through them in my mind...

(...back to present moment.)

(SWING!) Duck, duck, duck! (WHIZZ!) Whew, that was close! (SWOOSH!) Ha ha, Corfin, you missed! That shot was waaay off target! Wait, where's your other ha... (BAM!) *Birds chirping* I think I just swallowed a tooth. Damn.

Where am I? Oh yeah, here he comes. Ha, he's going for the practice scenario repeat! This could be my lucky day! Come on, Corfin... ZAP! Got him, ha! Wait, he's got more up his sleeve. Block, (ZAP!), Block you useless hand (ZAP! WHAM! BANG! THUD!), Block (POW!) Block (WHAM!) Block (ZING!) Help (BANG! THUD! WHAM!) The round's (KERPOW!) over, darnit! (BOOM!) Hit (CRUNCH!) the (OUCH!) bell!



Another round in his favour. I've to knock him out clean in the fourth and final round to get through...but the question remains... HOW!?

*To be continued*

20 November 2010


Things I learnt in the past 24 hours :

...that I still harbour hopes on the non-single part of life.
...that I love wasting time, just to prove a point.
...that I need to buy a (good) camera soon.
...that I need to hit the gym soon (Nitrodamus: You knew this all along, Aswin.)
...that I am scared of anything I don't understand.
...that I am more valuable than I ever thought I was.
...that I place others' lives above my own... probably not everyone's, but most of them, yeah.
...that I can never get bored of reading Agatha Christie's books, how many ever times I read them.
...that I place honesty above trivial things like lives and love.

 and that I place friendship above honesty and most other things.

In the next 12 hours:

...that I am not the beacon of truth I thought I was.
...that I lie when needed.

02 November 2010

My life is not about me

This is a beautiful but sad world...
Sad because people are about themselves,
The self, the family and friends...
But I am not about myself and that seems wrong,
because people find me disturbingly different.

I find it hard to eat at big hotels
Or participate in treats and parties
When millions can't afford a grain of rice.
I don't like to buy suits and ties
Or new dresses for every passing festival,
When there are people who can't afford clothes.
I can't ignore the people on the road.
I can't stand to see people shoo off the strays
From their food, from their selves.

My mind revolts against me if I ignore all that, but
The haves, in general, they find the situation okay.
I think they are vaccinated against empathy.
Please tell me where to get one myself
I badly need it to live up to your expectations.

Some argue that tis the fate of the poor...
That they're too lazy to work for themselves.
The haves convince themselves that the poor can die hence.
The farmers die, the hungry die, the nameless die
and no one seems to even care about it.

I am not about myself, try to understand me.
I am not about myself and I'm sure I am right,
but the world around me finds it impractical.

It's not that I don't want to lead a comfortable life, heck I do!
I just want to take everyone else with me.
I don't see any point in 'progress', ye World
when you can stay nonchalant about deaths!
There's no difference between us and the Nazis
If we can coolly brush it off and stay selfish.

Yes, call me crazy and go on, world.
How else can you convince yourself?

18 October 2010

There is an angry young person in all of us

There is a quiet, simple listener 
Who masquerades as me.
While the crazy angry young man,
who, by the way, is really me
is bound inside for good.

Chains, steel, vacuum and hell...
they keep him imprisoned - But
at times, defying all that,
He breaks free from the mental shell.

I hate to think of those times
When I've let myself be;
I've razed down attitudes and ambitions
to the very ground without a thought.

I've kept that just but angry guy
Under chains for quite some time,
To those who seem to throw him a bone,
I've stopped talking altogether, I tell you.

I want the angry young man to leave me alone, 
but he wouldn't go until the world improves, 
Till the world hails those who are happy with
getting their needs, their dreams and love.
Till the world rejects hate, greed and mindlessness.

The day's world, however, eggs him on;
Coz 'tis all about stomping on others' dreams
Hurting people at their own whim 
and calling it Attitude.

Looking down upon the satisfied, 
terming it lack of 'Ambition', 
When fun is to hurt another, and 
Undermining their dreams and one's own.

I know this is a terrible trend, 
but people don't think so.
They praise attitudes and ambitions and all things vile,
Even if they themselves are torn down by them.

I don't understand why there are so many lies,
So much of greed, so much mistrust.
So much of value for money and time,
God's new ploy after Babel, perhaps.

I want the angry young man to leave me alone.
I even plead to him once in a while.
"The world is good", I argue with him,
He just laughs at me.

PS: Intentional damage to rules and order could be seen throughout the length of this post.

11 October 2010

Crossovers - the stepping stones

[ This is in response to Aditya's very interesting post in the Literary Review <<< kilick there]

To begin with, I think his concerns are all understandable and genuine. I also think they are too ideal, given  the current scenario.

At the moment, I feel that there is a definite choice in front of most writers aspiring to be the next phenomenon in the Indian literary world. They can either choose to write good books OR they can choose to focus on making it a best seller. Hold your horses, folks, let me explain that a bit.

Getting both the factors right is what makes a great writer - totally agree, but we know that we have a minority there (relative to the size of the market). The majority, on the other hand, have to choose between the two - based on several factors...their principles, necessities, aspirations, abilities etc.

...and yea, why do people have to choose between these two factors and not any other?

Because that is the mindset of the Indian readership, or so it seems. I get this strange feeling that writers like Amitav Ghosh are more famous outside India than inside. Seven out of ten people I know wouldn't know him. On the other hand, books that are in the 'light reading' category have proved to be far more penetrative in the Indian market in the last decade or so. I feel that a mature market should not only have had an inverse trend, but should also have made it a no-contest in favour of the former (if it comes to a fight). The right question to ask here, I believe, is not if 'light reading' is a healthy trend, but if this is a trend that is here to stay.

Publishing houses want their books to sell - after all, they run a business. So, they choose to publish books that could cater to the 'reading masses' and not the elite. It is the responsibility of publishers to take the industry forward, yes, but is India ready to absorb serious lit? Publishers feel that we are not ready (going by their decisions) and I can only agree. Very few people in our country buy Nietzsche, but a lot more have bought 'the monk who sold his ferrari' (pathetic choice of books, sorry)

But will this new trend last? Will the generations that grow with this trend stick with the same forever? I think it is obvious in a sense that this will not be the case. These questions sound more to me like Justin Bieber taking on the Beatles... or something equally silly. The point is, they are different markets, and one leads the listener to another, in one or more ways.

What we witness now, according to me, is the transition from a non-market to a mass-market - and only a transition, to reiterate. It is a part of the growing up phase and a very necessary one at that. I am not saying that 'light reading' will fade out eventually - it will not, but as we go further down the road, people will want to read better books. Stepping stones are very often failures, yes, but they are the ones that lead us to success. The current phase has the potential to make that grown up phase a lot more attractive for everyone.

Transitions have never lasted forever, and here's hoping that the Indian Publishing industry will not be an exception.


"It suggests a basic lack of belief that quality books can be written by Indian authors — or an inability to recognise them. "

I really don't think so. The statement looks at the supply side alone. The availability of quality component does not mean that a manufacturer will go for them. He will go for them only if the market is ready to acknowledge and buy them.

"To try to ‘bridge the divide' is to get on a bridge to nowhere. The galling element here is not that you are arriving at mediocrity — there's no shame in that — but that you were aiming at it."

There is no point expecting people to buy a heavy reading, when over the years, they have not. If it's really that bad a book, it wouldn't sell at all, yes? If anything, seeing mediocre books on the shelves can only encourage the good writers out there to come out of their shells, which is good.

PS: All this is based on the fact that publishing, today, is just another business and not a medium that shapes generations and histories.

23 September 2010

Commonwealth games records...

A: "Arey, can't wait to see how many records will be toppled at CWG this year..."
B: "Will the archers set a new national record?"
C: "Will the shooters break their own old records?"

News: "Yamuna rises to new heights, beats 32 year old record..."

16 September 2010

Whistle adi maamu!

We, the Chennai Super Kings, were runners-up in 2008, semifinalists in 2009 and are, of course, the current IPL champions. We may have had a lot of records behind us and might have some of the best talents in the world in our line up, but never have we been the juggernaut that we now are.

Let's start with the side-effects of IPL3. Murali Vijay is no longer just 'some guy'. Nor is R.Ashwin just another tall, lanky lad playing domestic cricket. With Balaji bowling mostly in the right areas, Bollinger making each spell a lesson for future generations and Muralitharan having a whole lot of fun, what has traditionally been CSK's biggest weakness - bowling - doesn't look like one anymore. It is, if anything at all, a strength! Even the usually 'expensive-in-yellow, awesome-in-green' Albie isn't doing that badly with the ball at home.

The batting line up has proved to be every other team's nightmare over the three years. Hayden, while doing well in the practice match, hasn't been doing well in the two tourney matches. But we know that one innings is all it will take for him to bounce back into the game - and who better than Victorians to dismantle? 

Another option would be to bring in Mr.Cricket in Hayden's place, and the Oz side would do well to remember what he did to an awesome bowling side in Pakistan at the T20 World Cup. Vijay and Badri, to be honest, are performing beyond all expectations, while Anirudh has shown that he can be quite destructive on his day. Need I say about Dhoni, "whack, thwack, thank you mac" Albie or... ahem, Suresh Raina?

Watching Wayamba reduced to their very foundations was awesome, not that I am sadistic or anything. Looking at the four batsmen all padded up and all eager to get on the field next when Raina was hitting carrom balls out of the park, I could see the hunger you don't even get to see in a national side usually. Nearly every moment with more than three CSK players in the frame was an example of team unity and understanding. Really cannot ask for much more as a fan.

Some say that CSK only beat the minnows... Wayamba and Stags. If you ask me, I'd say that they were made to look like minnows by the likes of Raina. In any case, looking at what's next, the Vic Bushrangers are a very strong unit and so are the home team, the Warriors from the Eastern provinces. It will be interesting to see if we can hold our ground against them. 

Personally, I think there is one weakness in bringing in Hussey against Vic. Are Vijay and Anirudh really capable of opening against an attack led by Nannes, Harwood/Siddle and McKay? This contest might as well decide who gets the early advantage when the two teams meet on Saturday... that is, if Hussey comes in instead of Hayden and not Morkel. If we go in with the current squad, of which there is an equal (if not more) probability, we have to ensure we get 120 to 150 in the 12 overs which are not bowled by Nannes and McKay and push those two around for ones, twos and the occasional thwacks.

In all, I can't wait! Keep winning guys! We are behind you, no matter what!

07 September 2010

The several phases of the first term...

Jun 21 to 29, 2010: The "Now is when I should start studying!" phase

Entering a college after three years, what with that being ranked as one of the best in India... The 'Cream of the country' had a rough time on an average, with people made to run around all day and night-the Orientation week. "I came here to study, I don't have time for these things", many people tell you - Awesome, you think. Real people who want to study! You wonder if you could be like that, like ever! Then, classes start on the 28th. You do the readings for the first day and walk in to the class with your head held high, thinking 'Heck, I am a padips...'

Yes, the phase lasts for a mere two days from there.

Jun 30 2010 till sometime in late July 2010: The "Tomorrow is when I'll start studying" phase

Amidst assignments, classes, cases and stuff, You forget that you have books to read. You'd always want to hit the bed or read some novel, wondering when you'll start writing your book. People study all night and you watch sitcoms all night. This is the phase you are branded as belonging to a particular set of students, some groups being DMLs (merit list fellows), studs, dark horses, cool dudes and dumbos. And oh, this is the phase when most people begin to stop attending phone calls.

Sometime in July to mid August 2010: The "... .... When will I start studying?" phase

Mid terms come running at you and you are nowhere near prepared. The guys who had put all-nighters till date continue to do so and that scares you a bit. The 'Will I Pass?' syndrome attacks you and you frantically search for your books and decide that you'll be better prepared for the end term. You realize that you do not know what day or date it is and don't know what happens outside the stone arch campus. You also remind yourself that you should buy a high-end camera within the end of the term. The mid terms come and go and you feel that you haven't done that badly. The results come and tell you that you did badly. You calculate your Return on investment to be near infinity (near zero investment) and convince yourself that you are better than the others. The branding into the dumbo group is near complete.

Mid August 2010 to  September 7 2010: The "... .... .... Will I start studying?" phase

Whatay! The term is almost over and all my resolutions to study are down the drain. You've already bunked several classes and you strategise your attendance for the rest of the term. You realize that you attended all the classes in, at max, one subject and you're not confident about that subject either. You realize that you've learnt a lot, which you'd have done anyway, even if you had not come here. In fact, you had read more about Organisations and Economics before coming here. You curse the system and say it should be more practical and more an environment for 'learning', at least at this level. Group projects, presentations,individual assignments, presentations and ta da, you are at the gate of the end term examinations. 

Oh, You should probably get back to that finacc group case. Bye bye.

September 8, 2010 - Sep 12, 2010: ??? 

*To be updated*

03 September 2010

When Silence speaks out loud...

There are some things you want to tell the world about, and at the same time you don't want anyone to know...
There is the time you want to shout, cry, laugh and go crazy; at the same time, you just cut yourself out of everything...
You know you've the best friends in the world; yet you are not ready to trust one other soul with your heart...
You know that your life hasn't begun yet; but in a way, it is already over.

Crazy ideas here, crazy ideas there; You know you can, but you don't.
You know you can, my friend; but you simply won't.
What's the point? Did you not give up on yourself several times before?
What are you doing here, in the place filled with people who are yet to fail?

I know... it's like getting bitten on your head by a spider and expecting the transition. 
You know that it's not going to happen, but you so badly want it to.

Ah, what the hell.

PS: I don't know where some of you guys got the idea, but heck, not every post is about girls. Well, at least not this one. With this, I am just trying to get into character for a, urm, character.

01 September 2010


If you have been a Bangalorean for more than a year, chances are that you've been to the Landmark at the Forum mall, even if you have no reading habit at all. If you are reading this now, it means that you have friends like me. Ergo, you have been at least dragged in there.

Now that my book-writing hormones are at an all time high, efficiently preventing me from doing anything else at college how much ever I try, I'm actually feeling quite low about my decision to enter a college that would keep me from working on the book idea for even a few hours without any disturbance. So, anyways, to cheer myself up, I went to the aforementioned Landmark yesterday to check out which part of it would house my future book (Yes, I know. I am pathetic!) and was I in for a shock!

I've never looked at the place this way before, so it was kinda unnerving at first to see the hundred plus books (stopped counting after 40) in the new arrivals right at the door in the first floor. Where'd my book go? Would it get noticed? If I were a random visitor, would I pick it up? Boy, it gave me the creeps. I walked in silent fear to the 'Indian Writing' section. A few major houses like Penguin, Hachette and the new-to-me Westland group hogged the place with about 20 copies of each of its books there. I could've comforted myself at the presence of so many other publishers but somehow that only told me that there was heavy competition there as well. I walked on to see more and more books amidst which mine can get lost, if published. Then, I faced my second worst fear in the book-writing sense (first being not getting my book published).

There, in front of me, were some new books scattered among old, used books at the 3 for 99 sale. What if mine gets published only to reach this place? God, I hope not! That would be even worse than not getting published. At least, in the event of not publishing it, people wouldn't be able to prove that my book wouldn't sell. Damn!

Oh wait, did I miss another quiz typing this?

Me: Drat.
Another part of me: As if you didn't plan that, mister.
Me: Ssshhhh...

14 August 2010

A Rah-maniac looking for his dope...

A song from Kadhal Desam (1996) by AR Rahman.

While listening to this song, I was wondering about how time changes even the best of the best - AR Rahman.

The reason I posted this video rather than the thousand other awesome songs by Rahman (Ennavale, for example - Or 'punnagaiyil' from Jeans - Or... Leave it.) is because of the sequence from 4:16 to 4:33. It is kinda more awesome to me than all six songs in Endhiran (yet). But of course, you can't have an Ennavale for Thalaivar. Another thing that I'd like to highlight is the change from the sequence in the first stanza at 2:53 to 2:58...'Nijam Undhan kaadhal endraal', and how SPB ends it in the last saranam.

Haven't heard any recent song with that much pull. Mr. Harris Jeyaraj tries a lot (Vaarayo in Adhavan for example), but I don't know, he kinda fades in comparison - Or Am I just too biased? :)

Or are there no movies now-a-days that demand it from the Genius? Should Bharathiraja work on a music video with ARR (and stop right there) for the others to know what is possible from the Mozart?

In any case, I am prepared to wait.

13 August 2010

Not just for the ears

You've never been for just my ears,
Or so I learnt today - good day this.
You are the complete people, your tunes philosophies,
With every single drum beat hitting that part of my brain.

You've helped me a lot, my dear friends.
Time and again. A million times.
Those situations you kept me distracted from,
And those situations you got me through.

Then, slowly, I got cool new friends,
And I confess, you went out of my mind.
I got on with my life - without all you guys,
Gross treachery, isn't it, of every kind.

Today, I saw you after such a while,
I erupted in joy; urm, these days, that is a little rare.
When I shared my happiness and troubles with you (all those years ago),
I realize, now, that I left a part of it there.

You remind me of my whole past life,
And all that you had been.
You also show the change in me,
Which I otherwise might not have seen.

You guys are all such awesome friends,
To have hung around - all this while - for me.
I now realize that there are always some super cool friends,
whom I'll strive all my life to deserve.

Thank you, Music, for being there for all of us - at times when others just wouldn't care.

08 August 2010

The Five Minute Window

Detached from the world, I was in my very own shell;
I couldn't think of a future; Life and I didn't gel.
I was smiling time away; I couldn't care less.
I shut myself out from the whole worldly mess.

You! you lived in that galaxy far, far away,
Why would you care about this zero-watt soul?
But when it hit me that you could be in this city today,
Zap, zap, zap, zap! I was back in my role.

The single thought of meeting you found its way in,
even if only for five awesome minutes.
Not just a mistake, my abandon was sin.
Life is not giving up. Life is to win.

Soon, I realized that you couldn't be here,
An Ah, then an Oh, from this heart full of woe.
My mind struggled to re-adjust - it was a little weird.
For it was now filled with love and the deepest of low.

By someone who thinks he could also be a poet someday.

30 July 2010


This is about the course in general. Will this sad story change at least in the second year? Stay tuned for more info... like if I'll do it in the first place.

S No
What I thought it would be
What it is - at least for now
A series of lectures for each subject, well planned out, of which I can attend whatever I want.
Miss six classes and you are one grade down the CGPA hill.
Let the CGPA rot in hell. Who cares?
You don’t have an extra year’s tuition fee in hand, do you?
I don’t have to study, I have to learn. Exams would be just case studies and assignments, no?
True in the case of only one subject (communication!). What’s more, you ask? You have to write things exactly as they are given in the book to clear a couple of subjects allegedly.
This is for people who are sure about what they want to do with their life and are here to build on it. Yes, this course is for those who are in love with the World.
This is ideal for people who have no clue about what they want to be, even ten days after getting the MBA, leave alone years. And oh, it's still better if you are frustrated with the outside world as a whole.
Get a lot of friends

Please, God, let this be true.
Meet a lot of girls (after three years of not speaking to anyone)
The problem wasn’t exactly with the working environment at my MNC, I guess...
A plethora of lectures outside the regular classes that I can attend every day.
Yea yea, there are a lot of lectures, true, but there’ll be a catch that would prevent you from attending them. Every one of them.
Sleep a lot, keep in touch with world news, attend (real) quizzes – and lose, becoming a better writer...

Moral of the story: Never go by hearsay. Do your own damn research. 

PS:  People tell me it's worse everywhere else. Darn. I've done it again.

29 July 2010

Hanging people...

A few lines I wrote more than a month ago on the judgement given to Kasab and the subsequent 'hurray' across the Indian Media.

Is Death a punishment one human can give another? Or is it sensible to give any system that right? Should we do to Kasab what he did to us? Do you think that’s fair?

I don’t.

Hanging Kasab (or anyone else for that matter) is not going to scare the hell out of any terrorist anywhere in the world. People are arguing that not having the death penalty would ‘embolden’ the terrorists further. I ask, show me the trends to prove your argument. Terrorists, IMO, would be the same regardless of what we do with Kasab.

People who are shouting out loud in ‘joy’ at this judgement should realise that this is not what the people who died in 26/11 would want. We should have an intelligence system capable of 'preventing' further attacks. That is the real tribute you can give to the people who gave their lives to save others.

This decision by the court, though fair in several (not all) aspects, is no reason for celebration.

No death can ever be.

28 July 2010

Accounting Definitions for Dummies

Ac-counting: Counting the number of times you see / talk to her everyday.

Bank balance: What you think she knows about you.

Cash Balance: What she actually knows about you.

Assets: Acts expected to give you future benefits. Like saving her cat from somewhere (after putting it there first).

Going Concern: Assumption that the girl will be single on the next day. If this assumption cannot be made, all assets will be noted as expenses (aka waste of time)

Liabities: Acts that require a settlement to be made. Like the money you borrowed from a friend to buy that useless coolers.

Provision for Bad debts: The friend thinking that he's not getting the money back.

Bad debts - write off: The friend knowing that he's not getting the money back.

Sole proprietorship: When noone else knows you are crazy about her.

Partnership: When you have a wing-man to say "Haaave you met Ted?"

Private Limited: When you alone know about the slap you got from her.

Public Limited: When all those embarrassing details are in public domain.

Profit and Loss account: Detailed info about the good and bad impressions she has on you. Usually a loss. A bad one at that.

Periodicity: The period for which a balance sheet is calculated. Usually starts on the day after the worst embarrassment since you want to forget about it.

Balance sheet: A complete statement that shows, among other things, Accumulated depreciation.

Depreciation: The redundancy you manage to create in her mind about you by being at all the places she frequents and smiling like an idiot... or by saying the same statement to her everyday. (How are you doing?)

Accumulated depreciation: Sum depreciation over the years.

Ethical issues in accounting: In case she already has a boyfriend, the dilemma you get into if it is ethical to break them up.

Journal Entry: Pouring your heart out to a friend.

Ledger posting: That guy taking a video and putting it up on the net.

Trial balance: Testing if she reacts to this video saga. This forms an important part of the balance sheet.


PS: Accounting (real one) is a new concept to me. Forgive technical errors, if any :D

Add your definitions.

22 July 2010

Debate, anyone?

Debating Club - A club whose mere existence I didn't like in my first year at CIT.

Two reasons:

a) I was a really bad stage artist and despite my English being something above sub-standard, once I got on the stage, I'd freeze.

Aah, I still remember that beautiful day at school after I completed my Higher Secondary exams. One would think that one cannot possibly get embarrassed after passing out of the school, especially when one is a topper (gloat, gloat). But then, I was at the school assembly once like that, and the Principal introduced me to the school and asked me to talk to the school...

I still remember that beautiful, fateful 'I... I... bah... I...' day. Faint. Sigh. It was so iconic that some teachers still remember me by that.

b) Such events increase(d) the competitor in me - something I so want to avoid. I am a very ferocious competitor and a very bad loser.. with a very low temper. A lot of you would think that I am just the opposite, because that's what I try to be, for my own good.

So, when I was forced to attend the Debating club events initially, I was like WTH. I remember my senior JP dragging me (genuine thanks for that) and a bunch of my room mates to the 'Mock press' event a few days into college.

We ended up getting all three prizes. Munish was Kamal hassan, for crying out loud!

I didn't know that I wasn't that bad. The curiosity in me took me to another event, in which I got the first prize this time. Quest came, and I got four prizes in the four good events I attended for fun. Whatay! (Muni was again my team mate in the two-per-team events - What's the good word, eh? Funtastic event!)

I got into the debating club after the selections in second year, though it was a slightly doubt-filled selection - given better speakers were left out. In any case, I attended a lot of events and tried to improve the way I spoke on stage. From a time when I'd be paralysed in front of a crowd  to a time when I wasn't that bad or self-conscious a speaker, the journey was urm...let's say, eventful.

The fourth year came, and I wanted the Debating Club to focus on juniors who were like me - scared shitless at the sight of a microphone or totally not confident about their English. The focus, then, was more on the elite - people who were already good having a gala time thumping the heads of the supposed weaklings on the walls repeatedly at every event. While I was lucky to be forced into it in my first year, many others weren't. Karthik tried what he could as the secretary in my final year, but the image didn't change much, or so I felt. I grew to hate a lot of such events that scared the not-so-strong from speaking up.

My idea is that such clubs should focus on the weak students - and try to bring them to the level of others, which the club at CIT is slowly but steadily orienting itself towards (hopefully). There are very few poor speakers here - I don't say we're all Martin Luther Kings.

So, here I am, in a college with the best speakers in the country - and there is a debating society that keeps interviews and selects the best of them, conducts events for the elite, by the elite and of the elite, and does such you-know stuff. Why am I writing this, by the way? We have an inter-section Turncoat event today (continuously speaking, switching 'for' and 'against' for the given topic at some kind of a signal) - where the best of each section fight for glory (and championship points - Go C!) - and it got me thinking.

My Question is "What's the point in having events such as Turncoat?"

All I am seeing in this is the generation of a bunch of Arnabs, who would keep asking questions and debating, regardless of the knowledge level or relevancy level. I don't even find these events to be fun - except for the odd joke, unlike the good old debates, quizzes or sports. Some might say this is about 'networking' or 'getting famous'. Whatever.

Share your views, people. Do you think there's a point? Do you find Turncoat or competitive-GDs (as against the collaborative group-case-solving ones) or JAMs interesting? Why are these the most widely held events (such GDs are even held for selection into a huge number of B_schools - thankfully not mine!), when they're the most pointless?

- The debate is On -

PS: Also ur feedback on the design change.

18 July 2010

Deja Vu

There's this funny stuff that has been on at B ever since I reached here. I didn't know anyone beforehand, first year or second. So, I was eagerly looking forward to meeting new people. But is that what happened? No.

It was Deja Vu all over again. (get it?)

When I saw all the second years (and some first years as well), I knew that I knew nothing about any of them, but at the same time, I had a feeling that I knew everything about most of them. I knew exactly what they were going to say when they talked to me; I could guess the whole damn thing in advance! It's like they had been my subjects (scientific and not political) from one of my old experiments, doing what I thought and saying what I expected. I was actually scared for the first 3 days thinking on the lines of, "Did someone die last year? and I possessed by his spirit or something?" You know, according to my yard stick, this was the only non-crazy thought in my head. So, you can guess how obsessed I'd have been with the idea.

I still don't know or have any explanations on why I feel that I know most people here, but then, I've tracked a lot of things. Looks like Mr.A is from the college next to mine, and hence I could have seen him many times with some of my friends from there. And Mr.B, I don't know yet. Ms.C, on the other hand, looked like a combination of my relatives and Ms.D and Ms.E, they'd lived in my territory for a long time back in Chennai. It's a small world, uh? 

But what about the rest of them? The err... hundred of them? Well, I really don't know. Maybe I should get to know all these people better. Or maybe I am possessed. :)

PS: I didn't want to write about this, but then, I didn't know what else I could do with it. I had to tell someone about this without people thinking that I am crazy and what better place than this, where all my eight readers already know that I am crazy.

12 July 2010

Life at IIMB

Warning: Do not attempt at your B-School what I say or say I do in this or my future posts. I will first see if I can clear term-I. 

I can't tell you about everything that goes on here, no. That's because a lot of things happen after midnight here. And I miss them because I sleep by ten. Today, I've this meeting at 11 for an assignment, so I slept all afternoon... and I am going to sleep once I finish posting this. I am not even going to watch the WC finals today. I don't seem to like the WC after Germany's exit. (Let Spain fry in hell today btw!)

Where was I? Sleep by ten? Oh yea. This is a place where you can do anything you want to, as long as you want to and try to do it.  If you want to study, or chit-chat, or as some ppl put it: do some 'rg giri'. Considering that these people around me are supposedly the best out there who will take up leading positions across the nation in a few years, I am actually scared for the country...looking at everyone doing stuff because others are doing them. ("What to do yaar, everyone else is studying!") Or are all of us just beginning to change for the better as we move ahead? Well, we still do have about (2 years - 3 weeks) to go. So, there's a lot of scope for change, whichever direction that might be in.

Over the past three weeks, I just chose to sleep and/or watch the Big Bang theory (three seasons down in two weeks). We have several quizzes coming up this week (no not the usual sort. They give this fancy name to exams so that the quizzers in us are excited in the beginning (yay!) and are subsequently destroyed). Some day soon, I will start reading the subject books too.

Relative Grading seems to scare the living daylights out of people here. It's funny how nearly all of them prefer competition over cooperation. I hope they will come to terms with cooperation soon if they listen to me (right about now, there are only about 10% of the students who can see me and tell my name - and they won't listen to me). By the way, only two profs know I exist and that's because I was caught sleeping in their class. 

The campus - beautiful. I seriously miss having a cool camera out here. I can take pics all day. Everything from the night sky to the chirpy insects are totally NG worthy. I tell myself 'this will make a good pic' at least ten times a day. The library is one awesome place...two and half lakh books stacked & organised in rows. I found quite a few books from the last two centuries explaining the process behind publishing houses. Oh now, I want to start already! The day they allow us to borrow the books will be the day I stop watching sitcoms... or reduce the time spent in watching it, at the very least. I expect to have more time to dedicate to these two things - photography and reading arbit stuff - in the near future.

Subjects? Well, not my cup of tea... or anything. One professor is so awesome that I feel up to date with stuff even though I haven't opened the book at all. Another is so awesome that he was going to make film reviews a part of the grading. Others truly baffle me. For example, we are supposed to 'pre-read' for our daily classes and the profs will run the slides in the class and say the same stuff again. I find the classes ok as they're new to me. But for those who read and then attend the classes, what's even the point? What is the point of running slides and talking about them if we are expected to read on our own anyway? 

Clubs! Now, all you UG folk know how I stood behind taking the selection process down for the Lit Club with a few like minded souls (read - Monkey and to some extent, Karthik) and making it open in my final year. If I considered that selection process discouraging, it's hell here. Like, if you want to be a member of a group that facilitates exchange of books and maintains a small library, you got to submit your resume and attend a couple of interviews. It's worse for the 21 other clubs. People attended interviews overnight. I haven't applied to any of them and will not be part of the 'extra curricular rat-race' this year. The plan is to write more if I have the time.

All you aspirants, this place (and by that I mean any b-school, not mine in particular) is for those of you who wanted to be in the limelight all the time, smiling for photographs... people who want to keep talking, even if what they say is pure and utter nonsense... people who have been at positions of responsibility and loved floating in fame and authority... those who'd agree to that cliched statement used in every debate on earth: 'the ends justify the means'. 

I will never run as fast as these people around me. Not because I can't. It's because I want to go slow. Sigh. I don't think I fit in here with the mad crowd. I really don't. 


PS: I am sure a lot of people felt the same way every year and grew to like it (?) in the two years they spent here. I am a slow, free-willed soul and I don't intend to change over the next two years. I will update as and when I start liking being at B! After all, it's not for filling up space that all the alumni unanimously say that B was the 'best two years' of their lives.

PS2: It's late in the night and there could be a lot of errors in the post. Pardonnez-moi, s'il vous plait.

30 June 2010

Ad - 1 : CloseUp

I've always wanted to start a blog on advertising.

I don't know how active a blog it would be if I start (yet another) one. Hence, all posts under that category will be added to this blog.

I will split ad campaigns major-ly into
a) those that make me want to buy the products,
b) those which make me swear that I won't buy them,
c) also-rans. (though I don't think I'll waste blog space discussing this sort)

Yes, I will do this entire ad-thing only rarely. Don't worry.


To begin with a positive advertisement, Close up

I loved this ad when it came up first simply because of the song 'Pass aao' ('nerungi varuvaai' in Thamizh) sung by Sona Mohapatra. The song or should we say, the three-line version, achieved cult status (I don't care if you don't agree - it's awesome) and was later pushed in as a song into an album 'Dil jale' 'Raat dil'.

The idea behind 'Close Up' matched the ad, the location (whatay!), the song and the artistes perfectly. Despite the fact that the ad only broadcasted the ability of Close-Up to keep your breath fresh though they also fleetingly mention 'dazzling white teeth' (note - and nothing else) while competitors were working on several angles like germs, gums, salt(?) etc at once, I wanted to buy Close up simply to encourage that ad. It's amazing, the effect of music.

Ok now, stop running the ad in a loop and go do your work.


(PS: Guys, I don't use it now. Just to lay your doubts to rest. Thank you.)

09 June 2010

Dork & Me

- written supposedly by Robin 'Einstein' Varghese with the explicit permission of Sidin Vadukut.

May 5, 2010
2:43 PM

Feeling very sleepy, diary. Aswin is fighting with his broken mobile phone again. Setting an alarm for 6 PM. He wants to meet this Sidin Vadukut fellow at a book reading. I am going with him, yes. But purely from a technical standpoint. I want to know how these readings work. Can't people read on their own? Why do they need read-meets? What is the purpose? Of course, Gul Panag is in no way connected to my desire to go there. You know me, diary. I am a thorough professional.

2:54 PM

Aswin's slept. I am going to sleep as well. I am fairly sure he mentioned Gul in his sleep. I must be careful. Not that I am interested.

8:02 PM

Aswin just woke me up. He is mad at himself for missing the meet. His cellphone battery life is miserable. It got switched off before 6 and here we are, wasting our time at home. I had practiced some of the infamous Einstein moves for Gul (just in case she was interested). Bah.

As I have told you already, tomorrow, we leave for Bangalore.

May 6, 2010
5: 10 AM

Can you believe I am up at 5 in the morning, diary? Aswin woke me because he is scared of his stupid mobile again. I must remember to buy him a new one before he kills me. He is going to that B-School in Bangalore. Maybe all people from there are paranoid. I must not generalise, though. After all, the all important Einstein and the incredibly hopeless and insignificant Rahul Gupta (who did not get interviewed by CNBC's Sonali Mukherjee) are both from the same institution.

9:46 AM

He chose an aisle seat, I chose a window seat. What's there in a seat to 'choose'? They must give me a consulting project if they have any plans of improving the global aviation industry. By the way, we are going by this Jet Lite plane. Hope it doesn't crash.

10: 30 AM

Both of us sit next to beautiful girls. Of course I am still cross with myself for not meeting Gul yesterday, but surely all that practice with the Einstein moves shouldn't be wasted, diary? Especially that joke about this plane going to the Gulf because I am in it? He he. That always works.

11:20 AM

All hail the genius of Robin 'Einstein' Varghese. High-five, diary. So, this girl next to me is so sleepy that she falls on me once in 5 minutes. Aswin looks at me enviously as the girl next to him just leaned on the window and slept. Still better, no? Ha ha ha. Diary, if you had thought there were no complex calculations behind Einstein choosing the window seat, you are obviously mistaken. When he chose an aisle seat, my highly articulate mind calculated the probability of me sitting next to a girl.You know, Diary, that I got a B in Probability only because Prof. Ravi Shastri could not understand the complexities involved in my way of solving problems. Where were we? Yes, so when I found out that I had a good chance of sitting with a girl on a Sunday morning (she should probably be sleepy after a Saturday night party) and if she has to choose an aisle seat, she cannot sleep and fall on the pathway! She has to lean on the brilliant Einstein!

Ha ha ha. You should see Aswin's face now. It's turning green, ha ha ha.

11:30 AM

F&#%! The girl is now sleeping with her head on the tray table. Even the great Einstein didn't think of this eventuality! Aswin just ordered a cashew-nut pack to celebrate the failure of my plan. Hmmm, he asked me tips about doing well at Business schools yesterday. I will teach him to do all things that will get him into big trouble. Po da patti!

12:30 PM

Landed at Bangalore without any major mishap... Except that blasted tray table, of course. Surely, they should be banned, no, Diary?

This is just a blog post about me missing the Dork reading on my last day at Mumbai because of last minute packing and a blasted mobile phone. Of course, Sidin, even if this is bad Einstein-ism, this should probably get me a mention in the Second book. Preferably in the first page with a photograph. With a signed book delivered to me, yes. And of course, needless to say, a sponsored trip to Switzerland. 

More on the book, "Dork, The Incredible adventures of Robin 'Einstein' Varghese", here. Go buy it. 

This post is also to tell the eight (including sidin for this post) readers of this blog that I have reached Bangalore.

25 May 2010

My HoldingWilley posts

All (seven) of you should probably check out what I write on HoldingWilley.

They get archived here. That's my profile page there.

Get in touch with me if you want to write for us as well.

21 May 2010


So, I am one finger short at the moment.

No no.Nothing serious. One of them was just mehendi-fied with a rather strange antiseptic cream (a topical steroid (yikes!), but more on that later) and is hence out of action for a while.

It all started that day when I reached home and found on washing my hand that there was a sign of blood (blood's never a good sign, I tell you :P ).  On further investigation, I found that there were a couple of drops of blood peeking from behind the fingernail. Washed it off. Didn't give it much of a thought.

Two days later, there was some pain. "idukelam bayapadalama? naanga elam pala vaaram valikara adi elam vangirukom, onnum aagadhu" (I've got injuries that've been paining for weeks. Yours is not even in the picture). Courtesy, my roomie Shiva. I went on with my job.

A few days later (let's not worry about the exact number of days please), the pain was random but on the rise. Got a band-aid, put it around the finger and tried to forget about it. Removed band-aid in a day...seemed alright.

It was four days ago that the pain was beginning to irritate me. I couldn't type, that being an index finger. Got Boroplus antiseptic cream because it was the only freakin' thing available that didn't seem life threatening at that pharmacy. That despite my best attempts not to buy it, as a part of my "Quit products & services with pathetic or frustrating ads" initiative. Applied that for a couple of days. It only got worse. This morning, it was paining even when I didn't touch it.

Now, that's bad.

What do we do when things go bad?
Yes, Telephone the family.

Q: "How long has it been?"
A: "Urm...A week?"
Q: "What?!"
A: "Three days"
Q: "Did you see a doc?"
A: "No..."
O: "Go. Now." (O means it's an order)

Went to the doc.

Doc: "Do you know that if this infection had taken its course, you'd have seen pus coming out of it in another week?"
Me: :O
Doc: "Leaving it that way for N days (true number hidden for security purposes) is bad in itself. Worse, leave it that way for another N days and you might have as well said Goodbye to that finger."
Me: ":O :O You're just scaring me, aren't you?"
Doc: "You Wish! By the way, how long has it been since you've had a tetanus injection?"
Me: "Whazzat?"
Doc: :O

An injection later, here I am at home typing this out. The ointment I've just applied says 'topical steroid + besomethyl something' that could cause Glaucoma if it enters the eye. So, I am being extra careful and stuff, you know.

I have a theory this injury might be due to the revenge of the non-human 'Santoshes' and their Big Bs in my house, but that's for another post.

30 April 2010

Through to IIMB... but do I wanna do the PGP?

Like I mentioned two years ago (that I will get into an IIM in 2010) and about one month back (that God wanted me to), I got into an IIM this year. Yea, Bangalore at that. Kinda freaks me out actually that the Nitrodamus in me was fully functional way back in 2008 with extremely accurate predictions.

But do I really want to go there?

FAQs to follow. ie. Questions frequently being asked by others (urm...not just others) given my current 'dilemma'.

"How many times do people get a chance to study at IIM-B?"
I know. But looks like I should give them 15L and two years of my time to get myself confined to a single campus. Should it not be the other way around? Even if it's with some of the greatest minds of the country? I have my doubts.

"Why did you try this in the first place?"
Now that I think of it, probably because of my hate towards IT. Probably not.
I do want to start my own company sometime, though. I like reading stuff related to that, and I guess there is no better place to learn about that..but paying back 15L is going to throw this out of balance, I suspect. I can as well use it to start one now, but heck which bank's gonna give even 1L to me to start my own publishing house or NGO? And take it lightly when it goes down the drain?

"You're gonna be so good at a lot of things after 2 years. The best in the country. You'll be working on so many assignments and presentations every day for two years that things you think you can never carry off now will be a cakewalk after two years."
I don't want to be the best in anything at all. Not even the best writer of Brindavan street 4th cross.
I don't want to conquer nature. I just want to enjoy being a part of this world. You know, laze around and stuff.

"You can't earn that way"
That's why you don't see me doing it.

"You can go back to this job after two years of IIMB if you like it so much."
Why should I leave it in the first place? And go back to it with a huge loan on my shoulder?

"IIMB. Some of the best lectures in the country. From some of the best brains..."
Very interesting, but worth two years and the hard work?

"Do you want to get married at all? This is your only chance!"
Much as I know that the IIM tag is probably my last chance of impressing any girl in this century, I don't think I really want to marry anyone. Yikes, I said it out loud, didn't I?

"What about your dream NGO? You need hell a lot of money to eradicate illiteracy in this country, dude!"
I know, but is this the way? at least one of the ways? How can I be sure?

"Sports Management, Politics... You could as well change the face of Indian football! Is that not another of your dreams?" 
Yea, but all the hard-work people are 'proud' of actually puts me off. I just want to write stories, you know.

"You're not the greatest writer"
I know.

"Anyway, looking at the profiles of people coming in with you, you will lose that laziness of yours just to keep pace with them, I think. Is that not a good enough reason?"
No. No. Nooo. Laziness is all that's kept me alive through all the rat races. I refuse to cooperate.

"Then you'll end up getting the last rank"
Who cares?

"You might not get a job then."

"Remember this is at your Bangalore?"
Don't tempt me now. This is an unwanted question irrelevant to the current situation.

"Ooooo. Bangalore. The only IIM you've always respected."
That's probably because of the quizzes and the campus.

"Bangalore... The only 'city' with such a good climate."
Ha. Will somehow take a loan and buy a farmhouse in Coonoor or Calicut soon. Beat that.

"Bangalooooore... Family... Friends..."
Ok. I give in.

"Hey, you're supposed to resist."
Come on, you know that I really don't care about anything. Thinking about this exhausts me.

"What if you can't pay the loan back later?"
I'll try to pay the poor blokes back. If I can't, let them arrest me. Who really cares?

"Do you want to do it, then?"
Even if the whole thing is just a hyped up Gold-quest-like business done legally by the Govt to put people like me in a lotta debt, Yes.

"...but why?"
I have to do something in life, I guess. Evalavo panitom. Idha pana matoma?

-The End-

22 April 2010

I love you too

Trees swaying slightly wildly,
This is a little stronger than a breeze but
A breeze at heart nevertheless. 
Drops of rain fall on me at times,
A very mild form of drizzle.
Or is it a strong rain distorted by a stronger wind?

There's the sweet smell of earth, intoxicating me
I just want to walk with you, nature.
The heat around me subsides at an astonishing rate,
As the cool winds gently touch my face.
I relish the two drops of rain in my mouth
And my eyes drink and revel in this natural splendour.
Ah, I can define heaven right now.
This is it.

If this is how Earth shows its love
To us tiny humans living on it,
I would be a fool to miss it.

I love you too, my dear planet.
I love you so much.

17 April 2010


A big sorry in advance. This one is going to be a raw post.
Musicians who visit this should tell me in private if the terms note,piece,song and symphony are used correctly in the post.
But then, this post only goes out to say one thing.
I don't give a damn.


My life is but a musical piece,
It neither has these perfect notes,
Nor does it aim to have.

My life is but a musical piece
You can hear it if you want to,
But you can't change my song.

My life is but this unknown song
I love it, I live it
Care to dance along?

My life is but this unknown song
long and short, happy and sad, 
whose next note I don't know.

The world works as a symphony
Even Mozarts changed and played along

I don't waste my time thus. 
I prefer to be my own.

My life but is an unknown piece 
of pure music, of raw music.

My life is indeed a musical piece,
And therein lies my peace.

Can you hear it?

27 March 2010

March 21, 2010

So, I was going back home from work early on the above mentioned date (that would be around 10 30 PM) since I had a flight to catch first thing in the morning. Flight? yes. To Bangalore. To attend IIMB interview on the 24th.  Yes, you heard it right... and yes, woo hoo.

So, I was going back home in a cab from Bandra to Borivali singing along with the "Uff, teri adaa" the driver had switched on. Little did I know what was in store for me at Andheri.

A couple on an old scooter thought they could cut a Mumbai Taxi at the base of the flyover. The one at Andheri (which flyover? the main one. No, the other one. Wait. Forget it. They all look the same to me...) The funny part was that they tried that out. The fun ended right about there. The Taxi, as one would expect, travels at a much higher speed than a twenty five year old Scooter model and this one, to add to its misery, was accelerating as it needed to climb the flyover. There was the scooter trying to move from its right to its left, but unfortunately ended up smack in the middle for the taxi to run over. The Taxi applied the extremely sudden brake, as I would call it, and averted that disaster. There was a Scorpio (I think) right behind the taxi whose driver had no idea what was going on.


The taxi was near hurling itself towards the side wall of the flyover as the scooter couple watched in horror. The Scorpio which tried at the very last moment to move away, had hit one half of the taxi and had hence turned by 90 degrees and was moving in reverse towards the divider.

Are you asking where I was when this happened?

There was a second taxi right behind the Scorpio and I was occupying the front seat in that. Our driver was driving just as fast as the Scorpio and was so horror struck that he didn't step on the brakes. Our car missed the reversing Scorpio by inches. It was like going through a ring of fire, only infinitely more dangerous.

Inches... Even God wants me to live and study at IIMB, I think.

The question is: Will the evaluators want the same?

17 March 2010

My day - march 16, 2010

The beginning was bad enough when I woke up thinking it was 7 in the morning.

It was 10. 30.

I didn't have a deadline at work (which would have been the case if I had been in my old job) but I had a courier to send to IIM Indore that should reach them within another 32 hours (came to know later that they extended it later). I found the number for BlueDart and called them up. 'No service to that pincode. No way' was the reply. 

Why wouldn't they have the damn IIM in a city?

A roommate, who was at work, told me about the DTDC shop at 10 minutes walking distance. 'Cool', I thought to myself. Can start a bit late... So, I completed that article I was writing...and oh, by the way, I don't work at IBM anymore. I work for www.holdingwilley.com

I started from home at around 12 30. My work for the day was between 4 PM and midnight. I thought it would be another beautiful day, and I couldn't have been more wrong, at least about that half of it.

It all started with the holiday for DTDC. How the hell was I going to send this application, then?

Me: "Post office nearby?"
vendor guy nearby: "First right, last left, end"


Walked past a residential colony and several dogs and finally got to the post office, which was, at one corner of a remote residential area. The time was a little over 1 PM.

The Post master (I guess) told me Speed Post doesn't cover that area and it'd go as a registered post from Indore City. 'It might take a couple of days, he said. I'd have gone to Indore personally had the institute not extended the date by 3 days. I laughed at myself gave him the docs to send.

PM: "Cover mein dhalo" (put it in a cover)
Me: "Ji. cover dhijiye..." (Give me one)
PM: "cover nahin hai. main road shop kuch se karidho" (Get it from some shop)

...and here I was, thinking that a post office would sell postal covers. Apparently, they didn't.

As I was leaving to get a cover, he motioned to the clock 
"time 1.15 hai. 1.30 thak hee ye counter open hai"


A wrong turn and three stationery shops later, I got one cover that did not look like a moi-panam cover. Filled up the details and reached the post office around 13 hours, 32 minutes, 40 secs. Yes, the counter was closed. After an argument, they accepted the post, probably because they couldn't bring themselves to listen to my Hindi.

I was so drained and hungry then, but I didn't want to eat. I was happy that the ordeal was over.

Yoda: "Fool, He was." (star wars stuff, if you don't get it)

I went to the railway station and while stepping down from the over-bridge on to my platform, phatak.

'Somebody had dropped something, poor fellow', I thought to myself. Yes, it was me.

My mobile phone wasn't in my hands anymore. It had fallen from that overbridge and I could see half of it down there on the platform. 

Yes. What ay day.

It took me two whole minutes to FIND all the pieces. Put everything together and tried to switch it on. Worked. Oh yea. \m/ I am a telecom Engineer. Hence proved. Broken, but works. (like KXIP)

Reached work at around three, ready to tear anything apart. A stupid day. That's all it was.


11 PM.

Balaji and Kemp ran through KKR. I was running around the room.

Stupid day? What Stupid day? I was happily dancing around the room at work. At least one colleague would have thought I was tipsy...though everyone knew I don't drink. 

Four words. "Balaji for BCCI prez!"
What a dive to stop that boundary! He is the Thala! 

managed to get a ride in a new-model Honda City that offered to drop me at Borivali. Oh yea. The new one. Reached Borivali (from Bandra) in around 12 to 15 minutes. 

U: "How far is that?"
Me: "30 km perhaps"
U: "How long does it take everyday to do that?"
Me: "80 to 120 minutes"
U: "Your best time before this?"
Me: "45 minutes"
U: " "
Me: "By train"
U: " "
Me: "Oh yeah"

It was great to travel at that speed. It was like taking revenge on the traffic that slowed me down on the other days. I was dancing to 'No more Lies' as I reached home to write this down.

U:" "

Nitrodamus: "oh, Cut the Crap!"


-The End-

11 March 2010

Hope against Hope

In my dream early this morning, in perhaps my best dream ever,
I was her every thought. I was her every thought.

I know it isn't possible in reality; she's in love with someone else...
No, no. Cruelly in love with the death of my soul without her own knowledge.

I have no hope. There is no hope,
but aren't these early morning dreams supposed to come true?


27 February 2010

Who am I?

The wall, once a pure shade of white,
Has slightly lost its colour with time. Or is it my eyes?

I feel out of sorts today,
as I wake up and see that I am alone.
The King of my own world,
The ruler of one.

I walk to the toothbrush,
O yes, I always start my day this way.
My steps aren't very coherent today, I see.
I don't care why.

As my face drowns in a handful of water,
A distant consciousness laughs at me.
Someone's having fun.

I pull myself back into this world,
I see myself now in the mirror in front of me.
Oh yes, there's a mirror in front of me.

This is not the tee I was wearing when I went to sleep.

Huh? This is not even mine.

Wait... This isn't even me.


25 February 2010

Religion. Finally...

NOTE: This post is not complete.

There are two topics running in my right now. One is the hopeless moronism that is Sachin-bashing, acknowledging which by itself makes me feel bad. The other topic is Religion.

Religion is a topic I've been carefully avoided in my blog all this while. I think it's time for the world to see my point of view after twenty-three plus years of keeping it to myself, but why in the world have I been trying to avoid it?

It creates divides. There, I said it. Sad but true. As far as I've seen and known, it has only created divides among the people, while the primary aim of any religion would and should be uniting people. A lot of Hindus still don't trust Muslims after all these years, while a lot of Muslims hate Hindus for some reason. Why is this so? Is the deed of one Muslim or Hindu enough to blame a religion? Why should anyone see anyone else as a person belonging to a particular religion anyway? Why not as an individual who has his own thoughts, feelings and whatever!

For every one person who understands Religion, there are a million who misunderstand it - Aswin, Year 2010 AD

I've been to oh so many temples, so many churches and a solitary mosque. They all say the same thing. All religions have at their heart Peace and Love. For it is that people are after when they turn to God.  The sad part is that, over the years, religions have been modified to suit our wants, needs and greeds. Working towards destroying/depopularising other religions, spreading hatred for other religions, claiming that followers of one religion / caste are superior to any other... my fellow humans, shame on you. Hinduism, which I follow at times, is beautiful. It is no more a religion than it is a way of living. It teaches you so much about life that you wonder if even one of all those right-wing religious fundamentalists who spread the message of hate have read even ONE line in the Vedas. Even hearsay, for that matter.

My request to all the seven readers of this blog (and the occasional random visitor from facebook or google search) is to understand religion. No, no. I am not saying 'Understand your religion'. Understand Religion. Any religion. All religion. It doesn't matter. You will find peace, love and happiness at the other end, even if you find that there is no such thing as Religion. You will find that every human is praying to the same God and you will learn to respect others for who they are (or at least have pity at their insecurity if you are an athiest). Learn to see the good in each of the religions, and the evil in them. The truth in them, and the lies that were added later. The movie 'Man from Earth' is a good example of what I am trying to say.

I don't give a damn if you're a Christian, Hindu, Muslim or from any of the many beautiful religions around the globe. If you're looking for peace and love for all humanity, you're my friend and I am your fan.

PS: Sorry if I'd hurt anyone in the process.Like I said, this is the topic that is most misunderstood in this world.