30 January 2010

Goa - Movie Review - It's awesome!

First day : night show  : Fame @ Forum value mall.

Staying true to my earlier promise, here I am, reviewing Goa. Venkat Prabhu, on the other hand, stayed true to his 'holiday' promise and gives us the laugh riot, Goa. To begin with, Goa is not totally unpredictable, logically perfect or incredibly funny throughout. It comes close to being the third, though. 

The movie rolls on from start to end without any sense of purpose. It has a weak storyline, some songs (the rural ones) that alone would have bombed the movie even if it had been released back in 1975 and some sloppy editing at times. In spite of all this and more, the movie manages to keep you glued to the screen through out. It's a holiday after all, leave your thinking cap behind to enjoy the fun ride!

In case you are misled by a few negative points, let me put it straight : 'I loved the movie'.

*Watch the movie before reading this if you can! and oh, not one to watch with your parents or kids, I'd say.*

The story begins in Pannaipuram, a remote village near Theni where Jai (Vinayakam), Premgi (saamikannu, the child of God) and Vaibhav (ramarajan, awesome 'naagrithinna' moments :D) are rebuked by the Panchayat for trying to leave the village during the amman koil festival time. They are barred from talking to each other, and they run off to Madurai. Jai and Vaibhav ask Premgi to bring as much money as possible from the temple hundi as they'll be away for at least ten days and Premgi takes all the deity's jewels.No way to get back to the village now! Jai's friend in Madurai, Azhagarsamy, marries a foreigner he met at Goa and plans to settle in London, which pushes the three heroes to keep the same as an aim in life. Thus the journey begins...

Just as they are about to quit after getting beaten up in Goa, they meet Jack in the beaches of Goa who offers them discounted stay at his resort as they are from TN. There, the three get mesmerised by the parties and liquor and parties and dope, while Jai is also mesmerized by Piaa (who wouldn't?) and Vaibhav, by Sneha. Premgi is also in love, with Melanie (again, who wouldn't?), whom he met at Azhagarsamy's wedding and who is also in Goa, as fate would have it. How Vaibhav escapes from Sneha and how the rest of them end up with their pair forms the rest the movie.

All the actors did their roles neatly. This is Jai's funniest role so far. Never thought I'd like his role the best with so many other more-talented-at-comedy actors, but yes, his English was the highlight of the movie. Vaibhav almost steals the show in the last few scenes with his long kept secret coming out ('build up paniye vaazhnduten da'). Premgi is at his best, as usual. Special mention should go out to Sampath. Once you see the movie, you'll know that his role can't be more of a contrast from his role in Saroja. Music turns out to be one of the weaker parts of Goa. I liked just the theme song when I heard the album first. If you'd built any expectations around it, you are in for a disappointment. 'Idhu varai...' (sung by Ajeesh and Andrea) on the other hand turns out to be the best song of the movie, what with Piaa rendering it. She does enough to remain in the audience's mind long after the movie is over. Speaking for myself, I could have watched 'idu varai' for 150 minutes straight! I've been hearing only that song since morning and... *floats into a dream* Where was I? Yea, even Premgi agrees we should miss the other songs.

Melanie is an awesome find. Looks gorgeous and does her job very well. Hollywood material. If not yet, soon! Ravi comes in urm.. ten roles, perhaps? I, for one, was misled many times into thinking that the same guy is everywhere, while actually he was playing different roles, or so I believe. This could have been avoided. Were they short of actors? And the song for the opening credits was another set piece that was totally unnecessary. People walking into movie halls ten minutes after the show begins wouldn't miss a thing. Showing the funnier side of villages through that song would have been more VenkatPrabhu-ish. The village sequences were very elaborate that things were moving very slowly in the beginning. In the second half, the reconcilation scene between Jack and Danny should have been either emotional or funny...but it turned out to be neither. Simbu's guest appearence was a pleasant surprise...and oh, how the girls would fall that easily for the three heroes is one question you shouldn't ask yourself during the movie.

Forget Saroja, forget logic, sit back and laugh through the movie. 'Six pack coming soon', the photos at Jack&Danny's and Azhagar's places, 'Saamikannu kannu Saami kannu kuthufied. coming soon, coming soon.', 'Yea, they are my country', the totally awesomely awesome fight sequence for Premgi, 'You are the very beautiful, I disturbed. I am very beautiful. You disturbed?','sardarji, kya bolte ko kuch ne ko goa ka kitna ka time?' and many more ROFL moments made my day.

Thanks to the team behind the movie, I had a great holiday! ...and so will all its other viewers.

Box office predictions:
This movie is capable of earning much more than Aayirathil Oruvan. Hope it solves producer Soundarya rajinikanth's (seo, seo ;) ) financial woes that have been in the news lately. verdict: Hit to Super Hit.

PS: I don't remember all the parts from the movie exactly. There were too many good scenes in the movie that I am bound to miss highlighting a lot of them. Readers (if any), do share your favourite scene from this movie. Each one will have one!

24 January 2010

A belated eulogy

Why did you have to leave so soon?

You stood by me as a brother,
though you didn't gain anything but my respect from it.
You taught me like a teacher,
holding my hand strongly and leading me from the dark.

You didn't know where I came from.
You didn't care.
 I'll never know why you had to leave
Leaving us all to grieve.

You smiled more when we were happy.
You took great pains to make us that.
There's nothing I want more than your coming back,
There's no wealth I can treasure more.

Thank you for being such a great friend, Guru.
You loved me more than I could ever love anyone.
Hope heaven's good enough for you.

Take care.

PS: If you've lost someone you never wanted to let go for life, you'd probably understand all the unsaid words.

21 January 2010

Indian Premier League 3 - Lalit Modi and the Pakistani advertisement

All the rumour mills say the same thing. "Lalit Modi's brilliant masterstroke of threatening the franchises not to hire Pakistani players paid off. It's all the ad he needs." Could this be true, we wondered?

At first, we met a furious Afridi. "I am the man", he told us a while ago, "I single-handedly lifted the 20-20 world cup for Pakistan and these guys are insulting me and my nation!" When he asked us if 'single-handedly' was a single word, we realised he was paid for every word he said, by someone. Any guesses?

We caught up with the Chairman, Lalit Modi, at his sprawling mansion in Karachi to see if all these rumours of Ignore-Pakistan being a big advertisement held any water. "Nonsense", he dismissed it in one word, "Even the current Australian team had no takers, did you know? Now you'd say they protested against the Australian govt for the alleged racist attacks?" While we gave it a thought, he followed it up with a quieter, "My! How did I miss this one?"

Then we met this author's ex girlfriend and Punjab franchise's owner Preity at her house, to ask her the most intriguing question of the lot, "Why Kaif?" She asked the reporters to send her love to this author before saying with a smile,"We have a funny guy in our team who drops catches, irritates us to no extent and manages to get slapped by members of the opposing team before our boys could get their hands on him. Kaif is a good fielder, they say. So we plan to keep him around Appam so that he can catch every ball Appam drops." An intelligent reporter retorted, "Why wouldn't you just drop (from the team) the guy who drops catches?" Preity's reply was instant. "Where's the fun, then? Moreover, Lalitji pays us big time for every game he plays."

In another related incident, Sohail Tanvir came to our office and demanded that his interview be taken. We started with, "Well, you, along with Kamran Akmal, let Rajasthan Royals rot in hell last season. If you weren't political, you should have probably given up your citizenship for the game. Why didn't you? Weren't the Royals cheated then? They were pathetic, we say. Did they claim any compensation from you?" He said a forty 'erm...'s but is yet to answer us.

- The Fakking news team

Note: Every line in this post that precedes this line is obviously fictional. On a serious note, if there was even the slightest possibility that a player may not be able to participate in the tournament, I wouldn't pick him. Accusing a govt for this is utter idiocy. I am not sure if any Government would rather hatch a conspiracy in a sports tournament cum fashion parade, when it has poverty, terrorism, economic depressions and an Hon minister of state for external affairs to deal with. Ridiculous, yes? Boy, reality's funnier than fake news.

The Great three

Why was this blog named 'thegreatthree'?

To be honest, I forgot why. It was a long time back, and I remember I tried 'thegreatone' first which wasn't available.

Urm, maybe this is why I settled for three.

16 January 2010

Aayirathil Oruvan ( 2010 ) - Film review

Aayirathil Oruvan is a near three hour journey that shows us what we've lost / gained in the last eight centuries. An original script woven around a lost Chola legacy, this film easily manages to keep the viewers glued to their seats for most of its running time. Director Selvaraghavan unravels the story at a perfect pace through the first half, while things get a little slow at times in the second.

*Spoilers ahead, heaps of them*

Aayirathil Oruvan is an extremely audacious attempt by the Producer and the Director to mix commercial cinema with the artistic. It wouldn't have been daring, had it not been this brutal; because in that case, it would have been a runaway blockbuster. The story begins in 1279 AD with a prophecy, that a man will come, eight centuries later, to relieve the troubles of a civilization cut off from the rest of the world. Cut back to present day, archaeologist Prathap Pothan gets lost in his search for the lost kingdom near Ming hua island close to Vietnam. An expedition is arranged by a Union minister to go there and see what is going on. Initially, you might wonder why he should allot so much of time and money for this. Anyway, Reema Sen heads the expedition which also includes Azhagamperumal, few armymen under him, archaeologist Andrea and a band of coolies under Karthi, the MGR fan. While the story is as serious and magical as it can get with all the traps put in place by the Cholas (well, almost all) like cannibals, warriors, jellyfish, a million snakes etc, Karthi plays a very vital role keeping things believeable to an extent with all his antics, like "Paatha vudanaye mudivu paniten, ungala than kalyanam panippen nu..." and "Onnu pesave matengudu. Onnu over ah pesudu." that has the theatre in splits.

The real story unravels in the second half, when Karthi, Andrea and Reema reach the lost village only to discover that the civilization is not destroyed yet. The last of the Cholas live in dark caves under their king, Parthiban.It is most unusual to see Parthiban portray such a serious role, sticking to the original script, and he pulls it off brilliantly. This is where we are shown that Reema Sen is actually a Pandiya royal who is here to retrieve the statue of their goddess. What she didn't expect was the existence of Cholas under such circumstances. How she betrays the Cholas and tries to lead them to their doom and why Karthi is one in a thousand (ada, Ayirathil Oruvan) forms the rest of the story. Don't take the 'A' certificate lightly and walk in with your family / children. You will regret it. There is too much of open eroticism, blood and violence of all forms.Hope Selvaraghavan realizes that brutality is not an essential part of movie making when he makes the Second part of the movie.

Everyone (technician to actor) excels in the battle scene and Karthi shines in the gladiator-ish scene. That was awesome inspite of below average CGI. Coming to think of it, the graphics were all a little weak and meek throughout the film with a camel, in graphics, last seen near Super Mario, being the height of it. Graphics were from a lost generation too. Sigh. The songs did not fit in perfectly; only the Cholan ecstasy and 'Un mela aasa thaan' were picturized well. 'Oh Eesa' was a let-down.

The director not only shows us how brilliant movies can get through Aayiratil Oruvan, but also shows us how psychologically screwed up they can get with a 'depicting reality' tag. People were squirming uneasily in their seats for the last fifteen to twenty minutes. Almost hated that part of the movie. The Indian Army is shown in such a poor light, which could and should have been avoided. Reema Sen gets a role of her lifetime and Andrea just had to look cute (bigger role in the second part, maybe?).

If you're over eighteen and you don't throw up on extremely brutal exploitation of women, free flowing blood and loads of decapitations, you should probably give this one a try for Reema, Karthi, Parthiban and the Producer.

14 January 2010

Vinnai thaandi varuvaaya - Music review :)

"Best thamizh album ever" says another review. I strongly disagree. There are so many ARR albums that are better, at least yet. These songs do grow on you.

Good. Growing on me. But seriously, if you are alcoholic, you are in for a great (positive) surprise. It's range and highs and lows are just so intoxicating. One negative is that you don't understand a thing, save a few words in between. Malayalam + Sanskrit. Great on headphones; not so great on speakers, if you have elders at home :) Will this song be on my top ten at least for a while? Yes! Will this remain a Rahman-trademark for years to come? Not so much, me thinks. Alphonse, the singer, has an amazing range, doesn't he?

Anbil Avan:
Easily the best of the lot to me (as of now). Amazing flow, the likes of which I don't hear everyday. It has two names written all over it. Rahman, of course and Thamarai. Typical lyrics which everyone can understand, with shades of brilliance, like "Nee vaanavil aaga, aval vannam yezhaga, andha vaanam veedaaga maaradho, maaradho..." and some average stuff like "Bhoomi vaanam kaatru.. theeyai neeraai maatru..". What's the relation between these lines except for the fact that they rhyme? And Devan thinks it's 'neerai', while I have a feeling it was intended to be 'neeraai'. The lyrics could not have been any better at places but SURE could have been better at some other places. The thing is that the music makes up for any such negativity. I wonder if Devan & Chinmayi danced while singing this? All this song needs is a great video to topple every other song that competes for the No.1 spot on the charts.

Clearly the favourite of many. All I have been wondering about this song is how ARR fit all of it in 5 minutes and 30 seconds. A perfect song and a near perfect match of lyrics and the music. Vijay Prakash and Blaaze have added to its beauty. You can be sure this one will be ARR's signature song of the album, remembered for a long long time to come, though not as the best song ever, to answer some people who believe it will be.

Kannukkul Kannai:
Not sure why no one mentioned this as their favorite song. This has lyrics that go with the music perfectly ('un nanbanillai' need not have been repeated twice. something else could have been used there. No other negatives. Strictly speaking, it's difficult to come up with lyrics for this song), some decent-paced amazing music, enough to move your head left and right as you listen to it on your earphones. If it has a great video (which you can safely expect from Gautham Menon), this will be a chartbuster for sure.

It will not be anyone's favorite, but a good one nevertheless. It is a giant by 'industry standards' (:P), but a dwarf in front of its siblings nevertheless. The BGM in this song is near-magical, and the song and the words just kinda aid it.

Omana pennae:
Initially, I didn't know if it was 'omana' or 'oh mana'. :) Good to listen to. Nothing great about this coming from ARR. From another music director, it might be among his best. In ARR's stable, this is among his average stuff.

Vinnai thaandi varuvayaa:
I think a majority of the songs in this movie would just run in the background. This is number 1 on that doubt list. I think this is another average song, but a lot of people I know say this is their favorite from the movie. No idea why/how.

I can't wait to watch the movie. Never thought I'd so expect a Silambarasan movie, but here I am. Everyone's talking about the complete awesomeness of Trisha's and Simbu's looks. Add to it Gautham Vasudev Menon. Sigh. If not for any of the above, I'd watch it at least to see how all these songs fit in. Why does no other album from any other music director generate this enthusiasm in me?

Add your review in the comments section.


I am not qualified to criticize the experts behind the effort that went into making this album. This is just a layman's point of view, about what I like and dislike :)

09 January 2010

What should we show fellow humans - Apathy or Sympathy?

Surely we say Sympathy?? But we just SAY it. Where is the action?? The most recent and blatant example of our apathetic attitude is the hacking to death of a Sub-Inspector in public in Southern Thamizhnadu. There is all this hype and hoopla around it because two ministers didn't help the dying officer. What the heck were the thirty plus people around him doing? How cruel can a videographer be to cover the last minutes of a man when he could have helped? Surely he went in a four wheeler to take all his equipments? Surely at least one of the so many people in the ministerial convoy could have come forward? vehicles galore, none coming forward to help. Try all of them in court. They deserve punishment. The ministers only showed us what the rest of us are filled with.

You go to a post office, police station, meet a minister, MLA or any govt official. Chances are that they will act rude to you. You may wonder, "They are here to serve us!" Look at this video of the hacked SI. Do you think that we, as a society, deserve great officials? Heck no. I'd help that man on the road even if he was the cruelest person on earth. That's a man pleading for help, dammit! Just imagine, if the public had saved his life, what kind of a dedicated citizen we would have had in SI Mr.Vetrivel. It could have even brought about a paramount change in the way policemen see the public. Heck, as a society, our soul is filled with apathy and selfishness and we know it.

If you had read this post of mine, you'd know how pissed off I was at the people who refused to help a bunch of us when we decided to help during an accident.

No, you don't need to give alms to every beggar you see (in fact, you shouldn't. Begging is a crime.) You don't need to help every helpless homeless child you see on the street (but it's a good thing to do though). You don't have to pick every garbage on the street and put it in the nearest dustbin. You don't have to vote if you don't see anyone worthy. You don't have to stop taking / giving bribes. But puhleeeez, a dying person needs help. Wherever, whenever you see people in grave danger, remember, there is always a way to help them out.  You might think it will spoil your vehicle, mood, festive spirit, ruin your official meeting, daily routine bla bla bla, and you might even end up in the police station for something you were not even involved in. All that gives you a bad feeling, yes. But the good feeling you get out of helping that person in whatever way you did, outweighs almost every other feeling on earth. Believe it or not, that day(same link as above :D), I was feeling on top of the universe. I even wondered if that is how a mom would feel on giving birth to a child. Seriously, I may not be that much of a social being or a hero or anything close to that, but I know I am a human being...especially when it matters.

SI Vetrivel should not have become a policeman. May his soul rest in peace. Nobody who sees this event will ever have the desire to serve the people who would, ironically, only watch them die.

Shame. Better die than to live selfishly like this.

PS: The event also shows us how well the Mafia are protected to even hack a policeman to death, but that is another story.

01 January 2010

Avatar 3D - case filed?

Rumours galore that a case has been filed against James Cameron's Avatar in Chennai High court, by veteran South Indian actor Nasser. Our imaginary news crew hounded the actor's place to know more about this issue, and guess what we found? It wasn't just a rumour! "Is it because of the name?", we asked. Nasser had released a movie under a similar name, "Avathaaram" in 1995 with himself as the lead. "Name? Are you kidding me? This is a god damn remake and I wasn't even credited, leave alone paid!", he said. One of our reporters who saw the movie today told him there was not even one matching scene. "That is their masterstroke, but I saw through it!", he said. Looking at our bewildered faces, he explained, "They changed every scene in the movie just to stop me from filing a case. Heck, they even changed the music, but ho ho ho, they don't know what's coming at them." Our follow up question, "Does that not make it a ...er... different movie?" went unanswered.

There is another issue related to Avatar in Chennai High Court. Our Special reporter Sreevatsan reports that James Cameron is trying to create a religious divide through this movie and a case has been filed in this regard. "If you look at Jake closely, you will notice a 'naamam' on his forehead.originating from his nose", he explains."Jake is actually an Iyengar, probably with original name Jayakrishna Sudhindra Iyengar. James Cameron shortened it to Jake to get worldwide acceptance". While the South Indian Iyengars association are happy with the portrayal of a world changer as an Iyengar, secularists are angry with this. "We will all boycott the movie to show our protest in addition to filing this case.", a person who did not want to be named told us.

Avatar is a 3D movie released worldwide by James Cameron and Jon Landau. While our editorial team found it was a decent entertainer with nothing out of the ordinary (3D, was it? What was the difference apart from falling flakes and some plants closer to you than in 2D?), we find it surprising that people in Chennai have slapped two cases against the movie in such a short time. Is this becoming a trend? We asked one of the imaginary lawyers at the Chennai High Court. "You see people need cases to survive in this industry, just like you need clients in your IT. What's service industry if you have nothing to do? Competition boss, Competition." "Why shouldn't lawyers follow IT in other areas, like freeing up defect backlogs for instance? There are so many cases pending in the courts for years!", we asked. "What do we do if the case closes? You guys keep extending your dates with the client. Why shouldn't we?" Since the lawyers were bent only on comparing themselves to IT field rather than answering our queries, we decided not to proceed on that front.

More news on this info will find its way to this blog as and when we create ...oops... get to know it.

- Fakking news 24x7

(Message from the team: Extra k to differentiate ourselves from Faking news and for no other particular reason. We even fake fake, tee hee. (No reaction) Te he. (Still no reaction) He?)

Note: Everything mentioned in this post is totally fictitious. I know there are so many references to real life persons, but try taking things in a lighter sense plz. Not my intention to hurt anyone.