01 January 2010

Avatar 3D - case filed?

Rumours galore that a case has been filed against James Cameron's Avatar in Chennai High court, by veteran South Indian actor Nasser. Our imaginary news crew hounded the actor's place to know more about this issue, and guess what we found? It wasn't just a rumour! "Is it because of the name?", we asked. Nasser had released a movie under a similar name, "Avathaaram" in 1995 with himself as the lead. "Name? Are you kidding me? This is a god damn remake and I wasn't even credited, leave alone paid!", he said. One of our reporters who saw the movie today told him there was not even one matching scene. "That is their masterstroke, but I saw through it!", he said. Looking at our bewildered faces, he explained, "They changed every scene in the movie just to stop me from filing a case. Heck, they even changed the music, but ho ho ho, they don't know what's coming at them." Our follow up question, "Does that not make it a ...er... different movie?" went unanswered.

There is another issue related to Avatar in Chennai High Court. Our Special reporter Sreevatsan reports that James Cameron is trying to create a religious divide through this movie and a case has been filed in this regard. "If you look at Jake closely, you will notice a 'naamam' on his forehead.originating from his nose", he explains."Jake is actually an Iyengar, probably with original name Jayakrishna Sudhindra Iyengar. James Cameron shortened it to Jake to get worldwide acceptance". While the South Indian Iyengars association are happy with the portrayal of a world changer as an Iyengar, secularists are angry with this. "We will all boycott the movie to show our protest in addition to filing this case.", a person who did not want to be named told us.

Avatar is a 3D movie released worldwide by James Cameron and Jon Landau. While our editorial team found it was a decent entertainer with nothing out of the ordinary (3D, was it? What was the difference apart from falling flakes and some plants closer to you than in 2D?), we find it surprising that people in Chennai have slapped two cases against the movie in such a short time. Is this becoming a trend? We asked one of the imaginary lawyers at the Chennai High Court. "You see people need cases to survive in this industry, just like you need clients in your IT. What's service industry if you have nothing to do? Competition boss, Competition." "Why shouldn't lawyers follow IT in other areas, like freeing up defect backlogs for instance? There are so many cases pending in the courts for years!", we asked. "What do we do if the case closes? You guys keep extending your dates with the client. Why shouldn't we?" Since the lawyers were bent only on comparing themselves to IT field rather than answering our queries, we decided not to proceed on that front.

More news on this info will find its way to this blog as and when we create ...oops... get to know it.

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Note: Everything mentioned in this post is totally fictitious. I know there are so many references to real life persons, but try taking things in a lighter sense plz. Not my intention to hurt anyone.


  1. Aanalum, kongam overa yoshichata da, mudiyala.

    "What do we do if the case closes? You guys keep extending your dates with the client. Why shouldn't we?" - This was Ulti

  2. He he. In case you didn't notice, our special reporter Sreevatsan was really our special reporter Sreevatsan! :)

  3. Satyama! Super comedy! SIIA is happy with Jake ama. LOL. I suppose the lawyers are freckled that they don't get A/c office, cab service, onsite jobs and recession firing... :P :D Appadiya konjam trafficka namma blog pakkam thirupavum.. :D

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  5. One fwd mail ...
    part - I

    AVATAR is hollywood version of Old Tamil Movie

    What is the Talk of Town now? Whats the whole world is talking about? Be it Media, Newspapers, Tv, Blogs, your friends circle, everybody is talking about one and only one thing. - A V A T A R

    I had been to Satyam Cinemas for the weekend and saw this Ever hyped picture. Avatar is named as the "Movie of the millennium" and the top ranker in imdb list. Even the critics are all praise to this movie. Each one is praising cameroon to the sky. But would you kill me if i say

    AVATAR is the hollywood version of an old Tamil Movie?

    Yes. Avatar is the hollywood version of an old tamil movie. A Prabhu starrer, Santhanabharathi directed, movie called VIETNAM COLONY!!!

    Now wipe out the "What the Fa" expression from your face and lend me your ears.

    After 15 minutes into the movie i relaized that, AVATAR is VIETNAM COLONY RELOADED

    To start of with, let me give you and Intro about Vietnam Colony, if you have no clue about it. This is an old tamil movie which was released when i was studying my 8th Std. The story line is based on a colony named as Vietnam Colony, where only gundas, goons, and below poverty line people lives. This colony is situated in the centre of the place and a construction company owns this colony. But the residents are not willing to vacate the place as they dont have any other place to go. Then the company makes a smart move by sending one person (Prabhu) to the colony, to be one among them and to tactfully vacate the people. But knowing the reality and by empathizing on the poor residents over there, the Man who was sent by the company, stands for the colony people and fight back against the company.

    Striking something? Not Yet? Now replace the Vietnam Colony and the poor residents as the people in Pandoras World. Replace the construction company folks as those scientists. Replace Prabhu as the Hero of Avatar. Now you got it.

    In Avatar, the hero (SAM WORTHINGTON) goes to Pandoras world standing for the scientists and be one among the residents. Later on he realizes the value of their existence and fight back against the ones who had sent him. There are plenty of scenes matching with Vietnam colony.

    In the begininng, grace would tell the hero that she was looking for his brother and have no confidence that he would finish the mission. Similarly, in VC, Construction Company first doubts about the talent of Prabhu and worry if he could evacuate the gundas and other localites from their place.

  6. part - II

    In VC, When Prabhu Reaches the colony, at first, he would have an argument with the Auto Rikshaw guy regarding the fare. The Auto guy tries to indulge in a fist fight with Prabhu. Then the Main Rowdy of Colony, comes and stand behind Prabhu. Seeing him, the Auto guy would flee and Prabhu thinks that the Auto guy got scared of him only and when he turns back, he would see the gunda standing behind him. Similarly in Avatar, when they are in the pandoras world for the first time, an Elephant kinda creature tries to attack the hero and flee by seeing a much bigger animal behind him. Hero thinks the elephant got scared by him and when he turns back he see a much more bigger creature.

    In VC, the person who had been sent by the company falls in love with a girl of the colony. Similarly in Avatar, he fall for a girl from the pandoras world. At one point of time, the slum people realize that he is a person from the construction company and attacks Prabhu. Then the girl comes for his help. Similarly in Avatar, tsu tey tries to kill the hero and its the girl who saves the hero.

    In VC, during the climax, Prabhu gets back to the company and tell that he is no more working for them and then the company people comes to the colony. At the climax, Prabhu is fighting against them along with the other Colony people.In Avatar, along with the hero, whole community is fighting against the villains.

    There are much more scenes which Resembles the old Tamil movie. I am not saying Avatar is a remake of Vietnam Colony, but i am saying Avatar is the Hollywood version of VC. Cameroon has added lots of stuff to the western audience as well as to other viewers that you almost forget this point. Now that is an Interntational Talent which makes you forget about the original Plot. If Cameroon again take AVATAR after 10 years, i am sure he would add in essentials so that no one would notice that its still Avatar.

    There are lot of wonderful scenes in AVATAR and Graphics are at its best. Those wild creatures and the flying dragons were too good. I would want to get rid of my Bajaj Discover now and need a personalized vehicle like the one Hero captures during the end.

    While coming out of the multiplex, the first thing that came to my mind is that instead of spending {(Ticlets120Rs x 2) + 3D Glasses 40Rs + Snacks 150Rs + Parking 40Rs = Almost 500 Rs} at Satyam Cinemas, i could have easily taken the dvd of Vitenam colony for 25Rs and could have enjoyed watching it with my family. This is James Cameroon's most hyped movie and the film after 11 Oscar Award winner TITANIC. It tooks 11 years for cameroon to make this movie, a reality and now i wonder if Cameroon was watching the DVD of Vietnam Colony throughout these 11 years :-)

    Who would have had a hearty laugh watching these? None other than Prabhu and Santhanabharathi. Or would Santhanabharathi- Prabhu have felt bad after seeing that their plot has gone international and have renowned Worldwide fame? It pains you know. Even a chotta psychic blogger like me felt bad when some Mallus (Viz....Si..., Shi..., To., ) from my office told that Avatar is actually a version of an old Malayalam movie and not a tamil movie (Now stop laughing loud and making fun of me. It has happened) But thats a bitter fact. It's actually the version of an old Malayalam movie under the same name starring Mohanlal and Siddique as the director, the movie released in 1993 and the tamil version was released an year later.

    Well, If you havent watched Vietnam Colony, then you are Lucky. Avatar is a new Experience to you.
    If you have watched Vietnam Colony already, and didnt even recognize this until i wrote here, then praise the perfection and technicalities.
    If you have watched Vietnam Colony and Already found out this similarity in the theatre itself, congrats for your out of box thinking.

  7. Ithu eppadi irukku ? :-P

    (enga irunthu da kelembareenga neenga ellam ?? )

  8. Lakshman, ultimate comparison of Vietnam Colony with Avatar. Laughed my heart out.