24 January 2010

A belated eulogy

Why did you have to leave so soon?

You stood by me as a brother,
though you didn't gain anything but my respect from it.
You taught me like a teacher,
holding my hand strongly and leading me from the dark.

You didn't know where I came from.
You didn't care.
 I'll never know why you had to leave
Leaving us all to grieve.

You smiled more when we were happy.
You took great pains to make us that.
There's nothing I want more than your coming back,
There's no wealth I can treasure more.

Thank you for being such a great friend, Guru.
You loved me more than I could ever love anyone.
Hope heaven's good enough for you.

Take care.

PS: If you've lost someone you never wanted to let go for life, you'd probably understand all the unsaid words.


  1. I can understand... Reminds me of Tears In heaven