30 January 2010

Goa - Movie Review - It's awesome!

First day : night show  : Fame @ Forum value mall.

Staying true to my earlier promise, here I am, reviewing Goa. Venkat Prabhu, on the other hand, stayed true to his 'holiday' promise and gives us the laugh riot, Goa. To begin with, Goa is not totally unpredictable, logically perfect or incredibly funny throughout. It comes close to being the third, though. 

The movie rolls on from start to end without any sense of purpose. It has a weak storyline, some songs (the rural ones) that alone would have bombed the movie even if it had been released back in 1975 and some sloppy editing at times. In spite of all this and more, the movie manages to keep you glued to the screen through out. It's a holiday after all, leave your thinking cap behind to enjoy the fun ride!

In case you are misled by a few negative points, let me put it straight : 'I loved the movie'.

*Watch the movie before reading this if you can! and oh, not one to watch with your parents or kids, I'd say.*

The story begins in Pannaipuram, a remote village near Theni where Jai (Vinayakam), Premgi (saamikannu, the child of God) and Vaibhav (ramarajan, awesome 'naagrithinna' moments :D) are rebuked by the Panchayat for trying to leave the village during the amman koil festival time. They are barred from talking to each other, and they run off to Madurai. Jai and Vaibhav ask Premgi to bring as much money as possible from the temple hundi as they'll be away for at least ten days and Premgi takes all the deity's jewels.No way to get back to the village now! Jai's friend in Madurai, Azhagarsamy, marries a foreigner he met at Goa and plans to settle in London, which pushes the three heroes to keep the same as an aim in life. Thus the journey begins...

Just as they are about to quit after getting beaten up in Goa, they meet Jack in the beaches of Goa who offers them discounted stay at his resort as they are from TN. There, the three get mesmerised by the parties and liquor and parties and dope, while Jai is also mesmerized by Piaa (who wouldn't?) and Vaibhav, by Sneha. Premgi is also in love, with Melanie (again, who wouldn't?), whom he met at Azhagarsamy's wedding and who is also in Goa, as fate would have it. How Vaibhav escapes from Sneha and how the rest of them end up with their pair forms the rest the movie.

All the actors did their roles neatly. This is Jai's funniest role so far. Never thought I'd like his role the best with so many other more-talented-at-comedy actors, but yes, his English was the highlight of the movie. Vaibhav almost steals the show in the last few scenes with his long kept secret coming out ('build up paniye vaazhnduten da'). Premgi is at his best, as usual. Special mention should go out to Sampath. Once you see the movie, you'll know that his role can't be more of a contrast from his role in Saroja. Music turns out to be one of the weaker parts of Goa. I liked just the theme song when I heard the album first. If you'd built any expectations around it, you are in for a disappointment. 'Idhu varai...' (sung by Ajeesh and Andrea) on the other hand turns out to be the best song of the movie, what with Piaa rendering it. She does enough to remain in the audience's mind long after the movie is over. Speaking for myself, I could have watched 'idu varai' for 150 minutes straight! I've been hearing only that song since morning and... *floats into a dream* Where was I? Yea, even Premgi agrees we should miss the other songs.

Melanie is an awesome find. Looks gorgeous and does her job very well. Hollywood material. If not yet, soon! Ravi comes in urm.. ten roles, perhaps? I, for one, was misled many times into thinking that the same guy is everywhere, while actually he was playing different roles, or so I believe. This could have been avoided. Were they short of actors? And the song for the opening credits was another set piece that was totally unnecessary. People walking into movie halls ten minutes after the show begins wouldn't miss a thing. Showing the funnier side of villages through that song would have been more VenkatPrabhu-ish. The village sequences were very elaborate that things were moving very slowly in the beginning. In the second half, the reconcilation scene between Jack and Danny should have been either emotional or funny...but it turned out to be neither. Simbu's guest appearence was a pleasant surprise...and oh, how the girls would fall that easily for the three heroes is one question you shouldn't ask yourself during the movie.

Forget Saroja, forget logic, sit back and laugh through the movie. 'Six pack coming soon', the photos at Jack&Danny's and Azhagar's places, 'Saamikannu kannu Saami kannu kuthufied. coming soon, coming soon.', 'Yea, they are my country', the totally awesomely awesome fight sequence for Premgi, 'You are the very beautiful, I disturbed. I am very beautiful. You disturbed?','sardarji, kya bolte ko kuch ne ko goa ka kitna ka time?' and many more ROFL moments made my day.

Thanks to the team behind the movie, I had a great holiday! ...and so will all its other viewers.

Box office predictions:
This movie is capable of earning much more than Aayirathil Oruvan. Hope it solves producer Soundarya rajinikanth's (seo, seo ;) ) financial woes that have been in the news lately. verdict: Hit to Super Hit.

PS: I don't remember all the parts from the movie exactly. There were too many good scenes in the movie that I am bound to miss highlighting a lot of them. Readers (if any), do share your favourite scene from this movie. Each one will have one!


  1. Goa is Good but Tamil Padam is better

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  3. Totally disagreeing with your review.. i hated goa while watching it... to be honest i slept in the middle...the only good thing about the movie was the performance of Sambath....

  4. you are like Rukh RUkh Khan da... creating controversy to publicize your blog :) The controversy is that you love 'Goa'. :P

  5. de... nejamave pidichidu da.