14 January 2010

Vinnai thaandi varuvaaya - Music review :)

"Best thamizh album ever" says another review. I strongly disagree. There are so many ARR albums that are better, at least yet. These songs do grow on you.

Good. Growing on me. But seriously, if you are alcoholic, you are in for a great (positive) surprise. It's range and highs and lows are just so intoxicating. One negative is that you don't understand a thing, save a few words in between. Malayalam + Sanskrit. Great on headphones; not so great on speakers, if you have elders at home :) Will this song be on my top ten at least for a while? Yes! Will this remain a Rahman-trademark for years to come? Not so much, me thinks. Alphonse, the singer, has an amazing range, doesn't he?

Anbil Avan:
Easily the best of the lot to me (as of now). Amazing flow, the likes of which I don't hear everyday. It has two names written all over it. Rahman, of course and Thamarai. Typical lyrics which everyone can understand, with shades of brilliance, like "Nee vaanavil aaga, aval vannam yezhaga, andha vaanam veedaaga maaradho, maaradho..." and some average stuff like "Bhoomi vaanam kaatru.. theeyai neeraai maatru..". What's the relation between these lines except for the fact that they rhyme? And Devan thinks it's 'neerai', while I have a feeling it was intended to be 'neeraai'. The lyrics could not have been any better at places but SURE could have been better at some other places. The thing is that the music makes up for any such negativity. I wonder if Devan & Chinmayi danced while singing this? All this song needs is a great video to topple every other song that competes for the No.1 spot on the charts.

Clearly the favourite of many. All I have been wondering about this song is how ARR fit all of it in 5 minutes and 30 seconds. A perfect song and a near perfect match of lyrics and the music. Vijay Prakash and Blaaze have added to its beauty. You can be sure this one will be ARR's signature song of the album, remembered for a long long time to come, though not as the best song ever, to answer some people who believe it will be.

Kannukkul Kannai:
Not sure why no one mentioned this as their favorite song. This has lyrics that go with the music perfectly ('un nanbanillai' need not have been repeated twice. something else could have been used there. No other negatives. Strictly speaking, it's difficult to come up with lyrics for this song), some decent-paced amazing music, enough to move your head left and right as you listen to it on your earphones. If it has a great video (which you can safely expect from Gautham Menon), this will be a chartbuster for sure.

It will not be anyone's favorite, but a good one nevertheless. It is a giant by 'industry standards' (:P), but a dwarf in front of its siblings nevertheless. The BGM in this song is near-magical, and the song and the words just kinda aid it.

Omana pennae:
Initially, I didn't know if it was 'omana' or 'oh mana'. :) Good to listen to. Nothing great about this coming from ARR. From another music director, it might be among his best. In ARR's stable, this is among his average stuff.

Vinnai thaandi varuvayaa:
I think a majority of the songs in this movie would just run in the background. This is number 1 on that doubt list. I think this is another average song, but a lot of people I know say this is their favorite from the movie. No idea why/how.

I can't wait to watch the movie. Never thought I'd so expect a Silambarasan movie, but here I am. Everyone's talking about the complete awesomeness of Trisha's and Simbu's looks. Add to it Gautham Vasudev Menon. Sigh. If not for any of the above, I'd watch it at least to see how all these songs fit in. Why does no other album from any other music director generate this enthusiasm in me?

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I am not qualified to criticize the experts behind the effort that went into making this album. This is just a layman's point of view, about what I like and dislike :)


  1. Gud review Ashwin..
    Kannukul is similar to few rahman songs in Hindi. Tats y its not so famous. My fav. are Hosana & Aaoromale. Blaaze & Alphonse rocked!!!

  2. the only aberration i see in all the songs is "quirky". none follow the pre-defined pallavi-charanam-pallavi-charanam-pallavi style. otherwise this album is a total let down except Hosanna.

  3. I loved the Omana penne song, Digital Nadaswaram.. and a digitally mastered voice - thought it was very innovative....