09 January 2010

What should we show fellow humans - Apathy or Sympathy?

Surely we say Sympathy?? But we just SAY it. Where is the action?? The most recent and blatant example of our apathetic attitude is the hacking to death of a Sub-Inspector in public in Southern Thamizhnadu. There is all this hype and hoopla around it because two ministers didn't help the dying officer. What the heck were the thirty plus people around him doing? How cruel can a videographer be to cover the last minutes of a man when he could have helped? Surely he went in a four wheeler to take all his equipments? Surely at least one of the so many people in the ministerial convoy could have come forward? vehicles galore, none coming forward to help. Try all of them in court. They deserve punishment. The ministers only showed us what the rest of us are filled with.

You go to a post office, police station, meet a minister, MLA or any govt official. Chances are that they will act rude to you. You may wonder, "They are here to serve us!" Look at this video of the hacked SI. Do you think that we, as a society, deserve great officials? Heck no. I'd help that man on the road even if he was the cruelest person on earth. That's a man pleading for help, dammit! Just imagine, if the public had saved his life, what kind of a dedicated citizen we would have had in SI Mr.Vetrivel. It could have even brought about a paramount change in the way policemen see the public. Heck, as a society, our soul is filled with apathy and selfishness and we know it.

If you had read this post of mine, you'd know how pissed off I was at the people who refused to help a bunch of us when we decided to help during an accident.

No, you don't need to give alms to every beggar you see (in fact, you shouldn't. Begging is a crime.) You don't need to help every helpless homeless child you see on the street (but it's a good thing to do though). You don't have to pick every garbage on the street and put it in the nearest dustbin. You don't have to vote if you don't see anyone worthy. You don't have to stop taking / giving bribes. But puhleeeez, a dying person needs help. Wherever, whenever you see people in grave danger, remember, there is always a way to help them out.  You might think it will spoil your vehicle, mood, festive spirit, ruin your official meeting, daily routine bla bla bla, and you might even end up in the police station for something you were not even involved in. All that gives you a bad feeling, yes. But the good feeling you get out of helping that person in whatever way you did, outweighs almost every other feeling on earth. Believe it or not, that day(same link as above :D), I was feeling on top of the universe. I even wondered if that is how a mom would feel on giving birth to a child. Seriously, I may not be that much of a social being or a hero or anything close to that, but I know I am a human being...especially when it matters.

SI Vetrivel should not have become a policeman. May his soul rest in peace. Nobody who sees this event will ever have the desire to serve the people who would, ironically, only watch them die.

Shame. Better die than to live selfishly like this.

PS: The event also shows us how well the Mafia are protected to even hack a policeman to death, but that is another story.


  1. Exactly my thoughts about the camera man and I am equally pissed off at this issue !

  2. http://www.dinamalar.com/fpnnewsdetail.asp?news_id=6216

    read this. even the responsible persons are not doing their duty. Society is just a collection of these people.

    'Anniyan', 'Anjaathey' film scenes thaan gnabagathukku varuthu ...

  3. @Lakshmanan Corruption is something I'd rather not talk about here :( There's so much abt it that it deserves a separate book.

  4. It was a pathetic video and later I even saw a video where the people who were escorted by this poor SI defended their doing.

    It was totally inhumane. Screw the camera man and all the channels that just blamed all the other people in the scene and not the media.

    Well written post dude, but I'm afraid it will go any far.

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  6. Well Sridhar, my intention through this is to inspire at least one person to move forward to help next time they're in a life altering scenario while otherwise they may not have.

    I've already succeeded there. :)

  7. @Lakshmanan

    Well you know why most people come to power in our country and what the motive is.


    You have definitely reached more than a person and so did many other who wrote a blog about incidents like these. But again there have been several small groups trying to do good things and help raising such social issues, but at the end of the day they stand no where near when compared to the big mass of un-civilized rulers in the country.

    Lets just hope our country becomes a better place SOME DAY ruled by civilized people who know why the hell they have been elected to rule the country.

  8. @Sridhar

    Small drops make a mighty ocean :)

    The ocean is already big and filthy,yes...but if we make sure the new drops that enter the ocean are all good, even if evaporation takes out more of the good than the evil, the ocean will be filled with the good.

    The only way we can go ahead with this is by improving literacy. Not to ensure we have well educated leaders, but to ensure we have well educated voters.