04 February 2010

How is you?

- A post by Nitrodamus, the 16th Century pre-incarnation of Aswin

Shame on the English world! I write this post in English, so that many of you can read this and understand what you have done to the language I once fought for against my own countrymen. In case you wonder where I am from, you haven't read many of Aswin's previous posts, have you? I wouldn't blame you, some of them are sick anyway. I am from this beautiful country we call France. I am a native speaker of the most beautiful language in the world, Francais. Some of you know it as French, and a few others as 'Frenchie'. I assure you, whoever came up with an idea to name undergarments 'Frenchie' must be from an old English royal lineage who wanted to wipe out Francais from this world. Aswin reminds me that is similar to the story of a recent movie, Aayirathil oruvan.

Francais is among the most beautiful of languages, but not among the most practical of them. English, on the other hand, along with Aswin's Thamizh, feature among the most practical of languages. 'How?', you may ask. To seal the argument with one statement, well, these are few languages that don't assign genders to things that cannot mingle or reproduce on their own. Fairly practical? I don't see any point in thinking that a house is feminine. Except a few jokes, of course.

The purpose of this post, going back to the first line ('Shame on the English world'), is how people nowadays follow the language religiously and not practically, taking away the entire charm! If you love English, you might know the difference between the statements 'How is you' and 'How are you'. No, the first one is not wrong! That is how you should address one person in front of you, of course when he's not the Emperor. Not 'How are you'! It is most impractical to do so. By reading or hearing a query or a statement, at least in the present tense, one should be able to guess how many people that statement is addressed to. 'How are you' and other uses of the contemporary 'you' give us nothing!

Think about it. Did you even ask your teacher why this is so? Or did you just accept what was thrown at you?

Ah, the shame.


  1. Ha ha hah!! :D Total nut case you are! But I loved the pre-incarnated you's lament. What a pickle! And yes, how "is" you?!

  2. Very fine, thank you :)

    Nut case. That I am.

  3. Applying the same practical logic, can I say "you is Aswin"?? or "you is a nut case"??

  4. Grammatically - PLEASE!

    Answer to the first question is 'yes'.

    Psychiatrists are still working on the second question. You may have to wait for a while :)

  5. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Oh! Seriously? You think 'How is you', is gramatically correct? No! Not at all. First of all, Francais and English are different languages, so do not compare. Anyway, if you can recall Wren & martin, 'How are you?', is correct, not how is you! Huh!

  6. English is not a logical language, we consider the sense first, while using English and "how is you" does not sounds good to majority.