27 March 2010

March 21, 2010

So, I was going back home from work early on the above mentioned date (that would be around 10 30 PM) since I had a flight to catch first thing in the morning. Flight? yes. To Bangalore. To attend IIMB interview on the 24th.  Yes, you heard it right... and yes, woo hoo.

So, I was going back home in a cab from Bandra to Borivali singing along with the "Uff, teri adaa" the driver had switched on. Little did I know what was in store for me at Andheri.

A couple on an old scooter thought they could cut a Mumbai Taxi at the base of the flyover. The one at Andheri (which flyover? the main one. No, the other one. Wait. Forget it. They all look the same to me...) The funny part was that they tried that out. The fun ended right about there. The Taxi, as one would expect, travels at a much higher speed than a twenty five year old Scooter model and this one, to add to its misery, was accelerating as it needed to climb the flyover. There was the scooter trying to move from its right to its left, but unfortunately ended up smack in the middle for the taxi to run over. The Taxi applied the extremely sudden brake, as I would call it, and averted that disaster. There was a Scorpio (I think) right behind the taxi whose driver had no idea what was going on.


The taxi was near hurling itself towards the side wall of the flyover as the scooter couple watched in horror. The Scorpio which tried at the very last moment to move away, had hit one half of the taxi and had hence turned by 90 degrees and was moving in reverse towards the divider.

Are you asking where I was when this happened?

There was a second taxi right behind the Scorpio and I was occupying the front seat in that. Our driver was driving just as fast as the Scorpio and was so horror struck that he didn't step on the brakes. Our car missed the reversing Scorpio by inches. It was like going through a ring of fire, only infinitely more dangerous.

Inches... Even God wants me to live and study at IIMB, I think.

The question is: Will the evaluators want the same?

17 March 2010

My day - march 16, 2010

The beginning was bad enough when I woke up thinking it was 7 in the morning.

It was 10. 30.

I didn't have a deadline at work (which would have been the case if I had been in my old job) but I had a courier to send to IIM Indore that should reach them within another 32 hours (came to know later that they extended it later). I found the number for BlueDart and called them up. 'No service to that pincode. No way' was the reply. 

Why wouldn't they have the damn IIM in a city?

A roommate, who was at work, told me about the DTDC shop at 10 minutes walking distance. 'Cool', I thought to myself. Can start a bit late... So, I completed that article I was writing...and oh, by the way, I don't work at IBM anymore. I work for www.holdingwilley.com

I started from home at around 12 30. My work for the day was between 4 PM and midnight. I thought it would be another beautiful day, and I couldn't have been more wrong, at least about that half of it.

It all started with the holiday for DTDC. How the hell was I going to send this application, then?

Me: "Post office nearby?"
vendor guy nearby: "First right, last left, end"


Walked past a residential colony and several dogs and finally got to the post office, which was, at one corner of a remote residential area. The time was a little over 1 PM.

The Post master (I guess) told me Speed Post doesn't cover that area and it'd go as a registered post from Indore City. 'It might take a couple of days, he said. I'd have gone to Indore personally had the institute not extended the date by 3 days. I laughed at myself gave him the docs to send.

PM: "Cover mein dhalo" (put it in a cover)
Me: "Ji. cover dhijiye..." (Give me one)
PM: "cover nahin hai. main road shop kuch se karidho" (Get it from some shop)

...and here I was, thinking that a post office would sell postal covers. Apparently, they didn't.

As I was leaving to get a cover, he motioned to the clock 
"time 1.15 hai. 1.30 thak hee ye counter open hai"


A wrong turn and three stationery shops later, I got one cover that did not look like a moi-panam cover. Filled up the details and reached the post office around 13 hours, 32 minutes, 40 secs. Yes, the counter was closed. After an argument, they accepted the post, probably because they couldn't bring themselves to listen to my Hindi.

I was so drained and hungry then, but I didn't want to eat. I was happy that the ordeal was over.

Yoda: "Fool, He was." (star wars stuff, if you don't get it)

I went to the railway station and while stepping down from the over-bridge on to my platform, phatak.

'Somebody had dropped something, poor fellow', I thought to myself. Yes, it was me.

My mobile phone wasn't in my hands anymore. It had fallen from that overbridge and I could see half of it down there on the platform. 

Yes. What ay day.

It took me two whole minutes to FIND all the pieces. Put everything together and tried to switch it on. Worked. Oh yea. \m/ I am a telecom Engineer. Hence proved. Broken, but works. (like KXIP)

Reached work at around three, ready to tear anything apart. A stupid day. That's all it was.


11 PM.

Balaji and Kemp ran through KKR. I was running around the room.

Stupid day? What Stupid day? I was happily dancing around the room at work. At least one colleague would have thought I was tipsy...though everyone knew I don't drink. 

Four words. "Balaji for BCCI prez!"
What a dive to stop that boundary! He is the Thala! 

managed to get a ride in a new-model Honda City that offered to drop me at Borivali. Oh yea. The new one. Reached Borivali (from Bandra) in around 12 to 15 minutes. 

U: "How far is that?"
Me: "30 km perhaps"
U: "How long does it take everyday to do that?"
Me: "80 to 120 minutes"
U: "Your best time before this?"
Me: "45 minutes"
U: " "
Me: "By train"
U: " "
Me: "Oh yeah"

It was great to travel at that speed. It was like taking revenge on the traffic that slowed me down on the other days. I was dancing to 'No more Lies' as I reached home to write this down.

U:" "

Nitrodamus: "oh, Cut the Crap!"


-The End-

11 March 2010

Hope against Hope

In my dream early this morning, in perhaps my best dream ever,
I was her every thought. I was her every thought.

I know it isn't possible in reality; she's in love with someone else...
No, no. Cruelly in love with the death of my soul without her own knowledge.

I have no hope. There is no hope,
but aren't these early morning dreams supposed to come true?