30 April 2010

Through to IIMB... but do I wanna do the PGP?

Like I mentioned two years ago (that I will get into an IIM in 2010) and about one month back (that God wanted me to), I got into an IIM this year. Yea, Bangalore at that. Kinda freaks me out actually that the Nitrodamus in me was fully functional way back in 2008 with extremely accurate predictions.

But do I really want to go there?

FAQs to follow. ie. Questions frequently being asked by others (urm...not just others) given my current 'dilemma'.

"How many times do people get a chance to study at IIM-B?"
I know. But looks like I should give them 15L and two years of my time to get myself confined to a single campus. Should it not be the other way around? Even if it's with some of the greatest minds of the country? I have my doubts.

"Why did you try this in the first place?"
Now that I think of it, probably because of my hate towards IT. Probably not.
I do want to start my own company sometime, though. I like reading stuff related to that, and I guess there is no better place to learn about that..but paying back 15L is going to throw this out of balance, I suspect. I can as well use it to start one now, but heck which bank's gonna give even 1L to me to start my own publishing house or NGO? And take it lightly when it goes down the drain?

"You're gonna be so good at a lot of things after 2 years. The best in the country. You'll be working on so many assignments and presentations every day for two years that things you think you can never carry off now will be a cakewalk after two years."
I don't want to be the best in anything at all. Not even the best writer of Brindavan street 4th cross.
I don't want to conquer nature. I just want to enjoy being a part of this world. You know, laze around and stuff.

"You can't earn that way"
That's why you don't see me doing it.

"You can go back to this job after two years of IIMB if you like it so much."
Why should I leave it in the first place? And go back to it with a huge loan on my shoulder?

"IIMB. Some of the best lectures in the country. From some of the best brains..."
Very interesting, but worth two years and the hard work?

"Do you want to get married at all? This is your only chance!"
Much as I know that the IIM tag is probably my last chance of impressing any girl in this century, I don't think I really want to marry anyone. Yikes, I said it out loud, didn't I?

"What about your dream NGO? You need hell a lot of money to eradicate illiteracy in this country, dude!"
I know, but is this the way? at least one of the ways? How can I be sure?

"Sports Management, Politics... You could as well change the face of Indian football! Is that not another of your dreams?" 
Yea, but all the hard-work people are 'proud' of actually puts me off. I just want to write stories, you know.

"You're not the greatest writer"
I know.

"Anyway, looking at the profiles of people coming in with you, you will lose that laziness of yours just to keep pace with them, I think. Is that not a good enough reason?"
No. No. Nooo. Laziness is all that's kept me alive through all the rat races. I refuse to cooperate.

"Then you'll end up getting the last rank"
Who cares?

"You might not get a job then."

"Remember this is at your Bangalore?"
Don't tempt me now. This is an unwanted question irrelevant to the current situation.

"Ooooo. Bangalore. The only IIM you've always respected."
That's probably because of the quizzes and the campus.

"Bangalore... The only 'city' with such a good climate."
Ha. Will somehow take a loan and buy a farmhouse in Coonoor or Calicut soon. Beat that.

"Bangalooooore... Family... Friends..."
Ok. I give in.

"Hey, you're supposed to resist."
Come on, you know that I really don't care about anything. Thinking about this exhausts me.

"What if you can't pay the loan back later?"
I'll try to pay the poor blokes back. If I can't, let them arrest me. Who really cares?

"Do you want to do it, then?"
Even if the whole thing is just a hyped up Gold-quest-like business done legally by the Govt to put people like me in a lotta debt, Yes.

"...but why?"
I have to do something in life, I guess. Evalavo panitom. Idha pana matoma?

-The End-

22 April 2010

I love you too

Trees swaying slightly wildly,
This is a little stronger than a breeze but
A breeze at heart nevertheless. 
Drops of rain fall on me at times,
A very mild form of drizzle.
Or is it a strong rain distorted by a stronger wind?

There's the sweet smell of earth, intoxicating me
I just want to walk with you, nature.
The heat around me subsides at an astonishing rate,
As the cool winds gently touch my face.
I relish the two drops of rain in my mouth
And my eyes drink and revel in this natural splendour.
Ah, I can define heaven right now.
This is it.

If this is how Earth shows its love
To us tiny humans living on it,
I would be a fool to miss it.

I love you too, my dear planet.
I love you so much.

17 April 2010


A big sorry in advance. This one is going to be a raw post.
Musicians who visit this should tell me in private if the terms note,piece,song and symphony are used correctly in the post.
But then, this post only goes out to say one thing.
I don't give a damn.


My life is but a musical piece,
It neither has these perfect notes,
Nor does it aim to have.

My life is but a musical piece
You can hear it if you want to,
But you can't change my song.

My life is but this unknown song
I love it, I live it
Care to dance along?

My life is but this unknown song
long and short, happy and sad, 
whose next note I don't know.

The world works as a symphony
Even Mozarts changed and played along

I don't waste my time thus. 
I prefer to be my own.

My life but is an unknown piece 
of pure music, of raw music.

My life is indeed a musical piece,
And therein lies my peace.

Can you hear it?