25 May 2010

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21 May 2010


So, I am one finger short at the moment.

No no.Nothing serious. One of them was just mehendi-fied with a rather strange antiseptic cream (a topical steroid (yikes!), but more on that later) and is hence out of action for a while.

It all started that day when I reached home and found on washing my hand that there was a sign of blood (blood's never a good sign, I tell you :P ).  On further investigation, I found that there were a couple of drops of blood peeking from behind the fingernail. Washed it off. Didn't give it much of a thought.

Two days later, there was some pain. "idukelam bayapadalama? naanga elam pala vaaram valikara adi elam vangirukom, onnum aagadhu" (I've got injuries that've been paining for weeks. Yours is not even in the picture). Courtesy, my roomie Shiva. I went on with my job.

A few days later (let's not worry about the exact number of days please), the pain was random but on the rise. Got a band-aid, put it around the finger and tried to forget about it. Removed band-aid in a day...seemed alright.

It was four days ago that the pain was beginning to irritate me. I couldn't type, that being an index finger. Got Boroplus antiseptic cream because it was the only freakin' thing available that didn't seem life threatening at that pharmacy. That despite my best attempts not to buy it, as a part of my "Quit products & services with pathetic or frustrating ads" initiative. Applied that for a couple of days. It only got worse. This morning, it was paining even when I didn't touch it.

Now, that's bad.

What do we do when things go bad?
Yes, Telephone the family.

Q: "How long has it been?"
A: "Urm...A week?"
Q: "What?!"
A: "Three days"
Q: "Did you see a doc?"
A: "No..."
O: "Go. Now." (O means it's an order)

Went to the doc.

Doc: "Do you know that if this infection had taken its course, you'd have seen pus coming out of it in another week?"
Me: :O
Doc: "Leaving it that way for N days (true number hidden for security purposes) is bad in itself. Worse, leave it that way for another N days and you might have as well said Goodbye to that finger."
Me: ":O :O You're just scaring me, aren't you?"
Doc: "You Wish! By the way, how long has it been since you've had a tetanus injection?"
Me: "Whazzat?"
Doc: :O

An injection later, here I am at home typing this out. The ointment I've just applied says 'topical steroid + besomethyl something' that could cause Glaucoma if it enters the eye. So, I am being extra careful and stuff, you know.

I have a theory this injury might be due to the revenge of the non-human 'Santoshes' and their Big Bs in my house, but that's for another post.