30 June 2010

Ad - 1 : CloseUp

I've always wanted to start a blog on advertising.

I don't know how active a blog it would be if I start (yet another) one. Hence, all posts under that category will be added to this blog.

I will split ad campaigns major-ly into
a) those that make me want to buy the products,
b) those which make me swear that I won't buy them,
c) also-rans. (though I don't think I'll waste blog space discussing this sort)

Yes, I will do this entire ad-thing only rarely. Don't worry.


To begin with a positive advertisement, Close up

I loved this ad when it came up first simply because of the song 'Pass aao' ('nerungi varuvaai' in Thamizh) sung by Sona Mohapatra. The song or should we say, the three-line version, achieved cult status (I don't care if you don't agree - it's awesome) and was later pushed in as a song into an album 'Dil jale' 'Raat dil'.

The idea behind 'Close Up' matched the ad, the location (whatay!), the song and the artistes perfectly. Despite the fact that the ad only broadcasted the ability of Close-Up to keep your breath fresh though they also fleetingly mention 'dazzling white teeth' (note - and nothing else) while competitors were working on several angles like germs, gums, salt(?) etc at once, I wanted to buy Close up simply to encourage that ad. It's amazing, the effect of music.

Ok now, stop running the ad in a loop and go do your work.


(PS: Guys, I don't use it now. Just to lay your doubts to rest. Thank you.)


  1. I do like that u r still blogging...

  2. Thank you urm...Snowwhite?