29 July 2010

Hanging people...

A few lines I wrote more than a month ago on the judgement given to Kasab and the subsequent 'hurray' across the Indian Media.

Is Death a punishment one human can give another? Or is it sensible to give any system that right? Should we do to Kasab what he did to us? Do you think that’s fair?

I don’t.

Hanging Kasab (or anyone else for that matter) is not going to scare the hell out of any terrorist anywhere in the world. People are arguing that not having the death penalty would ‘embolden’ the terrorists further. I ask, show me the trends to prove your argument. Terrorists, IMO, would be the same regardless of what we do with Kasab.

People who are shouting out loud in ‘joy’ at this judgement should realise that this is not what the people who died in 26/11 would want. We should have an intelligence system capable of 'preventing' further attacks. That is the real tribute you can give to the people who gave their lives to save others.

This decision by the court, though fair in several (not all) aspects, is no reason for celebration.

No death can ever be.

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