30 July 2010


This is about the course in general. Will this sad story change at least in the second year? Stay tuned for more info... like if I'll do it in the first place.

S No
What I thought it would be
What it is - at least for now
A series of lectures for each subject, well planned out, of which I can attend whatever I want.
Miss six classes and you are one grade down the CGPA hill.
Let the CGPA rot in hell. Who cares?
You don’t have an extra year’s tuition fee in hand, do you?
I don’t have to study, I have to learn. Exams would be just case studies and assignments, no?
True in the case of only one subject (communication!). What’s more, you ask? You have to write things exactly as they are given in the book to clear a couple of subjects allegedly.
This is for people who are sure about what they want to do with their life and are here to build on it. Yes, this course is for those who are in love with the World.
This is ideal for people who have no clue about what they want to be, even ten days after getting the MBA, leave alone years. And oh, it's still better if you are frustrated with the outside world as a whole.
Get a lot of friends

Please, God, let this be true.
Meet a lot of girls (after three years of not speaking to anyone)
The problem wasn’t exactly with the working environment at my MNC, I guess...
A plethora of lectures outside the regular classes that I can attend every day.
Yea yea, there are a lot of lectures, true, but there’ll be a catch that would prevent you from attending them. Every one of them.
Sleep a lot, keep in touch with world news, attend (real) quizzes – and lose, becoming a better writer...

Moral of the story: Never go by hearsay. Do your own damn research. 

PS:  People tell me it's worse everywhere else. Darn. I've done it again.


  1. Ha ha.. Idu aarambam than kanna :)

  2. ha ha ha... welcome mate... and i am so eager to say "I warned u before" :P Wait till the phase when you start asking yourself "Am such a asshole... Did i make the biggest mistake of my life?" before you write the next part of this blog :P

  3. The girls part was missed right when you chose Engg.

  4. @adhi It can only get better from here. :)

    @karthik No problem. Epo busss nu theryudo, apo poite iruka vendyadu thaan (veetukku). Adhu varaikm odatum.

    @Elan I don't understand.

  5. Ashwin, are you sure you don't understand Elan's question? He sarcastically says that did you meet a lot of Girls at CIT?

  6. Oh ok.

    I did get to talk to girls at CIT. I didn't even do that in my places of work - and PG, yet.

  7. I like this post! Great Ashwin

  8. @maximus Think a lot of us were fooled, not just me. :)