08 August 2010

The Five Minute Window

Detached from the world, I was in my very own shell;
I couldn't think of a future; Life and I didn't gel.
I was smiling time away; I couldn't care less.
I shut myself out from the whole worldly mess.

You! you lived in that galaxy far, far away,
Why would you care about this zero-watt soul?
But when it hit me that you could be in this city today,
Zap, zap, zap, zap! I was back in my role.

The single thought of meeting you found its way in,
even if only for five awesome minutes.
Not just a mistake, my abandon was sin.
Life is not giving up. Life is to win.

Soon, I realized that you couldn't be here,
An Ah, then an Oh, from this heart full of woe.
My mind struggled to re-adjust - it was a little weird.
For it was now filled with love and the deepest of low.

By someone who thinks he could also be a poet someday.