13 August 2010

Not just for the ears

You've never been for just my ears,
Or so I learnt today - good day this.
You are the complete people, your tunes philosophies,
With every single drum beat hitting that part of my brain.

You've helped me a lot, my dear friends.
Time and again. A million times.
Those situations you kept me distracted from,
And those situations you got me through.

Then, slowly, I got cool new friends,
And I confess, you went out of my mind.
I got on with my life - without all you guys,
Gross treachery, isn't it, of every kind.

Today, I saw you after such a while,
I erupted in joy; urm, these days, that is a little rare.
When I shared my happiness and troubles with you (all those years ago),
I realize, now, that I left a part of it there.

You remind me of my whole past life,
And all that you had been.
You also show the change in me,
Which I otherwise might not have seen.

You guys are all such awesome friends,
To have hung around - all this while - for me.
I now realize that there are always some super cool friends,
whom I'll strive all my life to deserve.

Thank you, Music, for being there for all of us - at times when others just wouldn't care.


  1. "I realize, now, that I left a part of it there."

    Idha engayachu post pananume nu mathadelam added.

  2. One of the few things which is keeping my sanity...Everything in the post is true..

  3. @ivan nandri hai.

    Where would we be without music?

  4. @Aswin:

    "Life without a music, is a mistake" by Fredrich Nietzche