14 August 2010

A Rah-maniac looking for his dope...

A song from Kadhal Desam (1996) by AR Rahman.

While listening to this song, I was wondering about how time changes even the best of the best - AR Rahman.

The reason I posted this video rather than the thousand other awesome songs by Rahman (Ennavale, for example - Or 'punnagaiyil' from Jeans - Or... Leave it.) is because of the sequence from 4:16 to 4:33. It is kinda more awesome to me than all six songs in Endhiran (yet). But of course, you can't have an Ennavale for Thalaivar. Another thing that I'd like to highlight is the change from the sequence in the first stanza at 2:53 to 2:58...'Nijam Undhan kaadhal endraal', and how SPB ends it in the last saranam.

Haven't heard any recent song with that much pull. Mr. Harris Jeyaraj tries a lot (Vaarayo in Adhavan for example), but I don't know, he kinda fades in comparison - Or Am I just too biased? :)

Or are there no movies now-a-days that demand it from the Genius? Should Bharathiraja work on a music video with ARR (and stop right there) for the others to know what is possible from the Mozart?

In any case, I am prepared to wait.


  1. I dont think endhiran songs are awesome, I would say they are pretty average. His earlier works were more charming. The singer also adds beauty to the music and the lyrics which SBB does. I think ARR has started to experiment a lot these days, so probably they are not at its best, but I feel he has lost his plot these days.

  2. I still think that's because of the movies he is associating himself with.

    For eg., the kind of movie that VTV was, it couldn't have had a better score, I'd say.

    Enthiran is awesome in its own way. Rajni padathuku perfect, may be. Let's wait for the Big Day.

  3. Even in this case, 'Irumbile oru idhayam' is uber-awesome at places.

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