23 September 2010

Commonwealth games records...

A: "Arey, can't wait to see how many records will be toppled at CWG this year..."
B: "Will the archers set a new national record?"
C: "Will the shooters break their own old records?"

News: "Yamuna rises to new heights, beats 32 year old record..."

16 September 2010

Whistle adi maamu!

We, the Chennai Super Kings, were runners-up in 2008, semifinalists in 2009 and are, of course, the current IPL champions. We may have had a lot of records behind us and might have some of the best talents in the world in our line up, but never have we been the juggernaut that we now are.

Let's start with the side-effects of IPL3. Murali Vijay is no longer just 'some guy'. Nor is R.Ashwin just another tall, lanky lad playing domestic cricket. With Balaji bowling mostly in the right areas, Bollinger making each spell a lesson for future generations and Muralitharan having a whole lot of fun, what has traditionally been CSK's biggest weakness - bowling - doesn't look like one anymore. It is, if anything at all, a strength! Even the usually 'expensive-in-yellow, awesome-in-green' Albie isn't doing that badly with the ball at home.

The batting line up has proved to be every other team's nightmare over the three years. Hayden, while doing well in the practice match, hasn't been doing well in the two tourney matches. But we know that one innings is all it will take for him to bounce back into the game - and who better than Victorians to dismantle? 

Another option would be to bring in Mr.Cricket in Hayden's place, and the Oz side would do well to remember what he did to an awesome bowling side in Pakistan at the T20 World Cup. Vijay and Badri, to be honest, are performing beyond all expectations, while Anirudh has shown that he can be quite destructive on his day. Need I say about Dhoni, "whack, thwack, thank you mac" Albie or... ahem, Suresh Raina?

Watching Wayamba reduced to their very foundations was awesome, not that I am sadistic or anything. Looking at the four batsmen all padded up and all eager to get on the field next when Raina was hitting carrom balls out of the park, I could see the hunger you don't even get to see in a national side usually. Nearly every moment with more than three CSK players in the frame was an example of team unity and understanding. Really cannot ask for much more as a fan.

Some say that CSK only beat the minnows... Wayamba and Stags. If you ask me, I'd say that they were made to look like minnows by the likes of Raina. In any case, looking at what's next, the Vic Bushrangers are a very strong unit and so are the home team, the Warriors from the Eastern provinces. It will be interesting to see if we can hold our ground against them. 

Personally, I think there is one weakness in bringing in Hussey against Vic. Are Vijay and Anirudh really capable of opening against an attack led by Nannes, Harwood/Siddle and McKay? This contest might as well decide who gets the early advantage when the two teams meet on Saturday... that is, if Hussey comes in instead of Hayden and not Morkel. If we go in with the current squad, of which there is an equal (if not more) probability, we have to ensure we get 120 to 150 in the 12 overs which are not bowled by Nannes and McKay and push those two around for ones, twos and the occasional thwacks.

In all, I can't wait! Keep winning guys! We are behind you, no matter what!

07 September 2010

The several phases of the first term...

Jun 21 to 29, 2010: The "Now is when I should start studying!" phase

Entering a college after three years, what with that being ranked as one of the best in India... The 'Cream of the country' had a rough time on an average, with people made to run around all day and night-the Orientation week. "I came here to study, I don't have time for these things", many people tell you - Awesome, you think. Real people who want to study! You wonder if you could be like that, like ever! Then, classes start on the 28th. You do the readings for the first day and walk in to the class with your head held high, thinking 'Heck, I am a padips...'

Yes, the phase lasts for a mere two days from there.

Jun 30 2010 till sometime in late July 2010: The "Tomorrow is when I'll start studying" phase

Amidst assignments, classes, cases and stuff, You forget that you have books to read. You'd always want to hit the bed or read some novel, wondering when you'll start writing your book. People study all night and you watch sitcoms all night. This is the phase you are branded as belonging to a particular set of students, some groups being DMLs (merit list fellows), studs, dark horses, cool dudes and dumbos. And oh, this is the phase when most people begin to stop attending phone calls.

Sometime in July to mid August 2010: The "... .... When will I start studying?" phase

Mid terms come running at you and you are nowhere near prepared. The guys who had put all-nighters till date continue to do so and that scares you a bit. The 'Will I Pass?' syndrome attacks you and you frantically search for your books and decide that you'll be better prepared for the end term. You realize that you do not know what day or date it is and don't know what happens outside the stone arch campus. You also remind yourself that you should buy a high-end camera within the end of the term. The mid terms come and go and you feel that you haven't done that badly. The results come and tell you that you did badly. You calculate your Return on investment to be near infinity (near zero investment) and convince yourself that you are better than the others. The branding into the dumbo group is near complete.

Mid August 2010 to  September 7 2010: The "... .... .... Will I start studying?" phase

Whatay! The term is almost over and all my resolutions to study are down the drain. You've already bunked several classes and you strategise your attendance for the rest of the term. You realize that you attended all the classes in, at max, one subject and you're not confident about that subject either. You realize that you've learnt a lot, which you'd have done anyway, even if you had not come here. In fact, you had read more about Organisations and Economics before coming here. You curse the system and say it should be more practical and more an environment for 'learning', at least at this level. Group projects, presentations,individual assignments, presentations and ta da, you are at the gate of the end term examinations. 

Oh, You should probably get back to that finacc group case. Bye bye.

September 8, 2010 - Sep 12, 2010: ??? 

*To be updated*

03 September 2010

When Silence speaks out loud...

There are some things you want to tell the world about, and at the same time you don't want anyone to know...
There is the time you want to shout, cry, laugh and go crazy; at the same time, you just cut yourself out of everything...
You know you've the best friends in the world; yet you are not ready to trust one other soul with your heart...
You know that your life hasn't begun yet; but in a way, it is already over.

Crazy ideas here, crazy ideas there; You know you can, but you don't.
You know you can, my friend; but you simply won't.
What's the point? Did you not give up on yourself several times before?
What are you doing here, in the place filled with people who are yet to fail?

I know... it's like getting bitten on your head by a spider and expecting the transition. 
You know that it's not going to happen, but you so badly want it to.

Ah, what the hell.

PS: I don't know where some of you guys got the idea, but heck, not every post is about girls. Well, at least not this one. With this, I am just trying to get into character for a, urm, character.

01 September 2010


If you have been a Bangalorean for more than a year, chances are that you've been to the Landmark at the Forum mall, even if you have no reading habit at all. If you are reading this now, it means that you have friends like me. Ergo, you have been at least dragged in there.

Now that my book-writing hormones are at an all time high, efficiently preventing me from doing anything else at college how much ever I try, I'm actually feeling quite low about my decision to enter a college that would keep me from working on the book idea for even a few hours without any disturbance. So, anyways, to cheer myself up, I went to the aforementioned Landmark yesterday to check out which part of it would house my future book (Yes, I know. I am pathetic!) and was I in for a shock!

I've never looked at the place this way before, so it was kinda unnerving at first to see the hundred plus books (stopped counting after 40) in the new arrivals right at the door in the first floor. Where'd my book go? Would it get noticed? If I were a random visitor, would I pick it up? Boy, it gave me the creeps. I walked in silent fear to the 'Indian Writing' section. A few major houses like Penguin, Hachette and the new-to-me Westland group hogged the place with about 20 copies of each of its books there. I could've comforted myself at the presence of so many other publishers but somehow that only told me that there was heavy competition there as well. I walked on to see more and more books amidst which mine can get lost, if published. Then, I faced my second worst fear in the book-writing sense (first being not getting my book published).

There, in front of me, were some new books scattered among old, used books at the 3 for 99 sale. What if mine gets published only to reach this place? God, I hope not! That would be even worse than not getting published. At least, in the event of not publishing it, people wouldn't be able to prove that my book wouldn't sell. Damn!

Oh wait, did I miss another quiz typing this?

Me: Drat.
Another part of me: As if you didn't plan that, mister.
Me: Ssshhhh...