01 September 2010


If you have been a Bangalorean for more than a year, chances are that you've been to the Landmark at the Forum mall, even if you have no reading habit at all. If you are reading this now, it means that you have friends like me. Ergo, you have been at least dragged in there.

Now that my book-writing hormones are at an all time high, efficiently preventing me from doing anything else at college how much ever I try, I'm actually feeling quite low about my decision to enter a college that would keep me from working on the book idea for even a few hours without any disturbance. So, anyways, to cheer myself up, I went to the aforementioned Landmark yesterday to check out which part of it would house my future book (Yes, I know. I am pathetic!) and was I in for a shock!

I've never looked at the place this way before, so it was kinda unnerving at first to see the hundred plus books (stopped counting after 40) in the new arrivals right at the door in the first floor. Where'd my book go? Would it get noticed? If I were a random visitor, would I pick it up? Boy, it gave me the creeps. I walked in silent fear to the 'Indian Writing' section. A few major houses like Penguin, Hachette and the new-to-me Westland group hogged the place with about 20 copies of each of its books there. I could've comforted myself at the presence of so many other publishers but somehow that only told me that there was heavy competition there as well. I walked on to see more and more books amidst which mine can get lost, if published. Then, I faced my second worst fear in the book-writing sense (first being not getting my book published).

There, in front of me, were some new books scattered among old, used books at the 3 for 99 sale. What if mine gets published only to reach this place? God, I hope not! That would be even worse than not getting published. At least, in the event of not publishing it, people wouldn't be able to prove that my book wouldn't sell. Damn!

Oh wait, did I miss another quiz typing this?

Me: Drat.
Another part of me: As if you didn't plan that, mister.
Me: Ssshhhh...


  1. Its time you decided something, I dont think there is any difference between you and most of the guys (esp Softwaqre engineers like me). Try to fight it and just about finish the course.

  2. would you just write a book and give it a try ?

  3. Oh yes, I am. I've started.