07 September 2010

The several phases of the first term...

Jun 21 to 29, 2010: The "Now is when I should start studying!" phase

Entering a college after three years, what with that being ranked as one of the best in India... The 'Cream of the country' had a rough time on an average, with people made to run around all day and night-the Orientation week. "I came here to study, I don't have time for these things", many people tell you - Awesome, you think. Real people who want to study! You wonder if you could be like that, like ever! Then, classes start on the 28th. You do the readings for the first day and walk in to the class with your head held high, thinking 'Heck, I am a padips...'

Yes, the phase lasts for a mere two days from there.

Jun 30 2010 till sometime in late July 2010: The "Tomorrow is when I'll start studying" phase

Amidst assignments, classes, cases and stuff, You forget that you have books to read. You'd always want to hit the bed or read some novel, wondering when you'll start writing your book. People study all night and you watch sitcoms all night. This is the phase you are branded as belonging to a particular set of students, some groups being DMLs (merit list fellows), studs, dark horses, cool dudes and dumbos. And oh, this is the phase when most people begin to stop attending phone calls.

Sometime in July to mid August 2010: The "... .... When will I start studying?" phase

Mid terms come running at you and you are nowhere near prepared. The guys who had put all-nighters till date continue to do so and that scares you a bit. The 'Will I Pass?' syndrome attacks you and you frantically search for your books and decide that you'll be better prepared for the end term. You realize that you do not know what day or date it is and don't know what happens outside the stone arch campus. You also remind yourself that you should buy a high-end camera within the end of the term. The mid terms come and go and you feel that you haven't done that badly. The results come and tell you that you did badly. You calculate your Return on investment to be near infinity (near zero investment) and convince yourself that you are better than the others. The branding into the dumbo group is near complete.

Mid August 2010 to  September 7 2010: The "... .... .... Will I start studying?" phase

Whatay! The term is almost over and all my resolutions to study are down the drain. You've already bunked several classes and you strategise your attendance for the rest of the term. You realize that you attended all the classes in, at max, one subject and you're not confident about that subject either. You realize that you've learnt a lot, which you'd have done anyway, even if you had not come here. In fact, you had read more about Organisations and Economics before coming here. You curse the system and say it should be more practical and more an environment for 'learning', at least at this level. Group projects, presentations,individual assignments, presentations and ta da, you are at the gate of the end term examinations. 

Oh, You should probably get back to that finacc group case. Bye bye.

September 8, 2010 - Sep 12, 2010: ??? 

*To be updated*

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