03 September 2010

When Silence speaks out loud...

There are some things you want to tell the world about, and at the same time you don't want anyone to know...
There is the time you want to shout, cry, laugh and go crazy; at the same time, you just cut yourself out of everything...
You know you've the best friends in the world; yet you are not ready to trust one other soul with your heart...
You know that your life hasn't begun yet; but in a way, it is already over.

Crazy ideas here, crazy ideas there; You know you can, but you don't.
You know you can, my friend; but you simply won't.
What's the point? Did you not give up on yourself several times before?
What are you doing here, in the place filled with people who are yet to fail?

I know... it's like getting bitten on your head by a spider and expecting the transition. 
You know that it's not going to happen, but you so badly want it to.

Ah, what the hell.

PS: I don't know where some of you guys got the idea, but heck, not every post is about girls. Well, at least not this one. With this, I am just trying to get into character for a, urm, character.


  1. Aswin i know talks like this but comes out of this with a clear goal and does achieve it. You have done that many a times yourself.

  2. why so serious? take it easy :-)


  3. I didn't know that a spider bite can make someone this philosophical !


  4. @srinath
    Irundalum too much ah praise pandra nee... Something wrong.

    Lol, yea the spider part. Correct ah match agude nu bit ah poten. Still no signs of webs or traction, though. I am disappointed.