16 September 2010

Whistle adi maamu!

We, the Chennai Super Kings, were runners-up in 2008, semifinalists in 2009 and are, of course, the current IPL champions. We may have had a lot of records behind us and might have some of the best talents in the world in our line up, but never have we been the juggernaut that we now are.

Let's start with the side-effects of IPL3. Murali Vijay is no longer just 'some guy'. Nor is R.Ashwin just another tall, lanky lad playing domestic cricket. With Balaji bowling mostly in the right areas, Bollinger making each spell a lesson for future generations and Muralitharan having a whole lot of fun, what has traditionally been CSK's biggest weakness - bowling - doesn't look like one anymore. It is, if anything at all, a strength! Even the usually 'expensive-in-yellow, awesome-in-green' Albie isn't doing that badly with the ball at home.

The batting line up has proved to be every other team's nightmare over the three years. Hayden, while doing well in the practice match, hasn't been doing well in the two tourney matches. But we know that one innings is all it will take for him to bounce back into the game - and who better than Victorians to dismantle? 

Another option would be to bring in Mr.Cricket in Hayden's place, and the Oz side would do well to remember what he did to an awesome bowling side in Pakistan at the T20 World Cup. Vijay and Badri, to be honest, are performing beyond all expectations, while Anirudh has shown that he can be quite destructive on his day. Need I say about Dhoni, "whack, thwack, thank you mac" Albie or... ahem, Suresh Raina?

Watching Wayamba reduced to their very foundations was awesome, not that I am sadistic or anything. Looking at the four batsmen all padded up and all eager to get on the field next when Raina was hitting carrom balls out of the park, I could see the hunger you don't even get to see in a national side usually. Nearly every moment with more than three CSK players in the frame was an example of team unity and understanding. Really cannot ask for much more as a fan.

Some say that CSK only beat the minnows... Wayamba and Stags. If you ask me, I'd say that they were made to look like minnows by the likes of Raina. In any case, looking at what's next, the Vic Bushrangers are a very strong unit and so are the home team, the Warriors from the Eastern provinces. It will be interesting to see if we can hold our ground against them. 

Personally, I think there is one weakness in bringing in Hussey against Vic. Are Vijay and Anirudh really capable of opening against an attack led by Nannes, Harwood/Siddle and McKay? This contest might as well decide who gets the early advantage when the two teams meet on Saturday... that is, if Hussey comes in instead of Hayden and not Morkel. If we go in with the current squad, of which there is an equal (if not more) probability, we have to ensure we get 120 to 150 in the 12 overs which are not bowled by Nannes and McKay and push those two around for ones, twos and the occasional thwacks.

In all, I can't wait! Keep winning guys! We are behind you, no matter what!


  1. mmm.. CSK lost to Victoria albeit in a superover...In CLT20 history, none of the IPL teams have beaten a Australian T20 team... the trend continues. Squeaky bum time for CSK.

  2. Roared past the warriors, knocking the Vics out on the way.

    Next up, pucca local match.