28 November 2010

Meet Cruyell Corfin

Lights all around! This was an occasion... The Survivor Series! Thousands cheering.


Announcer: "Round 3. Survivor Series. Corfin vs Aswin."

Urm... this could get difficult now...

Corfin was the boxing champ from America, and he'd busted innumerable people before I met him for the championship. 19 people were knocked out in his last season and many others barely crawled out of the ring.

Corfin smiled, and I knew from the look in his eyes that he was just waiting for the referee to back out so that he could launch at me. This bloody round would go on for 1 hour 15 minutes!

Round 1 was pretty much one-sided. I should admit I was taken by surprise. I expected this guy to be no better than his cousin from Italy and champion there, Freaky Finac. I won against him pretty easily despite the hype, and I must thank my coach for that, and expected to break Corfin's nose in the first round. Within a minute in Round 1 this time, I knew I was lost. Had a punch on my left ear that floored me and missed a tooth soon afterwards. Managed to score 8 miserable points against his 50.

The referee backed out. As expected, he went for a right hand swing to my ear. Ha, you can't knock me cold with that every single time, Cruyell Corfin! I ducked out just in time and was looking for his next move. His defences were strong; so, I had to understand his attacks and find a weakness there...

Round 2 was slightly better, as in, I could walk at the end of it and my world wasn't spinning around me. It was still a below average performance from me, largely because my coach here was right plain dumb. With all my experience, I managed to block most of his attempts and even hit him on the face once. At the end of it, I knew I needed a different coach for runtime help and asked the awesome PCN to analyse the game so far. Got a few techniques and was running through them in my mind...

(...back to present moment.)

(SWING!) Duck, duck, duck! (WHIZZ!) Whew, that was close! (SWOOSH!) Ha ha, Corfin, you missed! That shot was waaay off target! Wait, where's your other ha... (BAM!) *Birds chirping* I think I just swallowed a tooth. Damn.

Where am I? Oh yeah, here he comes. Ha, he's going for the practice scenario repeat! This could be my lucky day! Come on, Corfin... ZAP! Got him, ha! Wait, he's got more up his sleeve. Block, (ZAP!), Block you useless hand (ZAP! WHAM! BANG! THUD!), Block (POW!) Block (WHAM!) Block (ZING!) Help (BANG! THUD! WHAM!) The round's (KERPOW!) over, darnit! (BOOM!) Hit (CRUNCH!) the (OUCH!) bell!



Another round in his favour. I've to knock him out clean in the fourth and final round to get through...but the question remains... HOW!?

*To be continued*

20 November 2010


Things I learnt in the past 24 hours :

...that I still harbour hopes on the non-single part of life.
...that I love wasting time, just to prove a point.
...that I need to buy a (good) camera soon.
...that I need to hit the gym soon (Nitrodamus: You knew this all along, Aswin.)
...that I am scared of anything I don't understand.
...that I am more valuable than I ever thought I was.
...that I place others' lives above my own... probably not everyone's, but most of them, yeah.
...that I can never get bored of reading Agatha Christie's books, how many ever times I read them.
...that I place honesty above trivial things like lives and love.

 and that I place friendship above honesty and most other things.

In the next 12 hours:

...that I am not the beacon of truth I thought I was.
...that I lie when needed.

02 November 2010

My life is not about me

This is a beautiful but sad world...
Sad because people are about themselves,
The self, the family and friends...
But I am not about myself and that seems wrong,
because people find me disturbingly different.

I find it hard to eat at big hotels
Or participate in treats and parties
When millions can't afford a grain of rice.
I don't like to buy suits and ties
Or new dresses for every passing festival,
When there are people who can't afford clothes.
I can't ignore the people on the road.
I can't stand to see people shoo off the strays
From their food, from their selves.

My mind revolts against me if I ignore all that, but
The haves, in general, they find the situation okay.
I think they are vaccinated against empathy.
Please tell me where to get one myself
I badly need it to live up to your expectations.

Some argue that tis the fate of the poor...
That they're too lazy to work for themselves.
The haves convince themselves that the poor can die hence.
The farmers die, the hungry die, the nameless die
and no one seems to even care about it.

I am not about myself, try to understand me.
I am not about myself and I'm sure I am right,
but the world around me finds it impractical.

It's not that I don't want to lead a comfortable life, heck I do!
I just want to take everyone else with me.
I don't see any point in 'progress', ye World
when you can stay nonchalant about deaths!
There's no difference between us and the Nazis
If we can coolly brush it off and stay selfish.

Yes, call me crazy and go on, world.
How else can you convince yourself?