20 November 2010


Things I learnt in the past 24 hours :

...that I still harbour hopes on the non-single part of life.
...that I love wasting time, just to prove a point.
...that I need to buy a (good) camera soon.
...that I need to hit the gym soon (Nitrodamus: You knew this all along, Aswin.)
...that I am scared of anything I don't understand.
...that I am more valuable than I ever thought I was.
...that I place others' lives above my own... probably not everyone's, but most of them, yeah.
...that I can never get bored of reading Agatha Christie's books, how many ever times I read them.
...that I place honesty above trivial things like lives and love.

 and that I place friendship above honesty and most other things.

In the next 12 hours:

...that I am not the beacon of truth I thought I was.
...that I lie when needed.


  1. I know. There is scope for improvement.

    Principles above relations. Very soon.

  2. Ha Ha, nice one. Came to read 'My Life is not about me" and bumped into this post. Laughed my heart out da.

  3. "Came to read 'My Life is not about me' and bumped into this post"

    Hmmm, vandu secnd round padikra alavuku periya post agiducha adu? :)