29 December 2010

Crumble, Tumble, Rumble, Grumble

The world crumbles. I can hear it.

Will it lead to a whole new world?
Will that world be good?
Will the new crumble too
or will it stand its ground?

Will it be a political change
or will it be a mindset change?
Will it be a change of plans
or will we stare ahead with nothing in hand?
Will the new world be full of good
or will the baddies win the game?

Will this crumbling lead us anywhere
or is this that math e thing that never leads to zero?
Wait... is anything crumbling at all
or are we just hearing noises?

Bah, let it all be. Why bother?
I have a class at six o clock.
Good night, mes amis.
I go back to my dreams.

26 December 2010

All noise and no action

I am amazed by the high quantities of Congress and BJP bashing on my wall... I don't see why many of you get angry about 2G, Adarsh or CWG and vent it out on FB...

I don't understand why today's Magazine carries articles on these and more of our 'democracy' issues.

After all, like a wise man once said, we, as a society, have only got the Government we SO deserve.

19 December 2010

Games CEOs play

This is regarding a piece by the same title in the day's Bangalore Mirror (Sun, Dec 19, 2010).

Seems that a CEO plays Table Tennis to gain "perseverance and patience", another plays Snakes & ladders to understand that "the only person that can make you quit is you" and to top it all, a CEO of a marketing company feels "cycling helps him set targets and go after them".

As far as I knew, one played a sport to either have some fun or make it big professionally, in which case, you inch towards perfection (I guess, even this is only about fun... You tend to do some things for life because you love those things, yes?).

When you want to 'learn' stuff from every darn thing you do... I can only offer you my heartiest condolences.

Ah, I am a reductionist these days. Pity.