29 December 2010

Crumble, Tumble, Rumble, Grumble

The world crumbles. I can hear it.

Will it lead to a whole new world?
Will that world be good?
Will the new crumble too
or will it stand its ground?

Will it be a political change
or will it be a mindset change?
Will it be a change of plans
or will we stare ahead with nothing in hand?
Will the new world be full of good
or will the baddies win the game?

Will this crumbling lead us anywhere
or is this that math e thing that never leads to zero?
Wait... is anything crumbling at all
or are we just hearing noises?

Bah, let it all be. Why bother?
I have a class at six o clock.
Good night, mes amis.
I go back to my dreams.


  1. nice post and you have a nice blog here Aswin... Happy to meet you in IndiMeet.. Here is my writeup on IndiMeet, Wow! What a day!

    Someone is Special

  2. @ivan YES! Currently, I spend only 10/24 of my day in deep sleep.

    Should improve further :)

    @Saravana Hi man... Good to see you here :)