23 January 2011

Recent stuff

Recent stuff I heard from people that made me want to punch them in the face.

'(Oh, these urchins at the traffic signal!) why can't they find another place to beg?'

'Govt School? "He he". My son is studying in DAV. It's a very good school.'

'Things are very wrong with the world. I am going to blog about it'

(in the context of venture creation) 'Doesn't matter if it's not beneficial to the consumer. If you can fool the world into believing that they need something they don't really need, you should.'

(to a friend of mine) 'What? He died? Urm... Should I come? I can't take a day off now, dude. Critical situation at work.'
He said that he would have taken 'what difference would my presence make? he's gone anyway' as a very valid answer but this? I can only agree.

16 January 2011

WTF Australia

A few things that come to my mind ...

- KP, brilliant.
-> England would have been all out by the end of 30 odd overs, had the fielders been Irish... and seriously, Mr.Haddin, those are too many dismissals to miss in one limited overs game.
-> CA, I really think you should look for a Healy, not a Gilchrist. A Gilchrist comes once in a generation, and we already have Dhoni.
-> Bollinger would be looking forward to playing the IPL under the aforementioned Dhoni. He should be pissed off at the day's fielding setup. You need a slip fielder, you dolts, a slip! (He didn't bowl all great deliveries by the way. that scares me a bit.)
-> England should reeely have made a better deal out of all this. Shows they aren't that good at exploiting situations yet (except Kevin).

- Watto, take a bow!
- English bowling w/o Anderson & Broad looks hopeless. I think there would no difference with them, either.
- Let's see if Oz can breeze through the remaining 90 odd runs.

15 January 2011

CSK: How we doin'?

My most recent writeup on Holdingwilley...about Team CSK for IPL 4.

Link: http://www.holdingwilley.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1475

We will win, no matter what. Well, of course it will be difficult this time... MI's stronger than ever and it's not just MI we should be worried about.

What the heck, we've beaten every team out there before. We will do it again :)