23 January 2011

Recent stuff

Recent stuff I heard from people that made me want to punch them in the face.

'(Oh, these urchins at the traffic signal!) why can't they find another place to beg?'

'Govt School? "He he". My son is studying in DAV. It's a very good school.'

'Things are very wrong with the world. I am going to blog about it'

(in the context of venture creation) 'Doesn't matter if it's not beneficial to the consumer. If you can fool the world into believing that they need something they don't really need, you should.'

(to a friend of mine) 'What? He died? Urm... Should I come? I can't take a day off now, dude. Critical situation at work.'
He said that he would have taken 'what difference would my presence make? he's gone anyway' as a very valid answer but this? I can only agree.


  1. You did not punch them instead you whine about it in your blog. Well your justification (i.e if you justify) would suit them as well.

  2. No. Not whining. Listing out.

    and btw, there is no context relation I can see.