24 February 2011

IPL 3 Finals

The Location : Mumbai - Office

There I was, watching the finals, in a room full of really crazy Mumbai fans...as the solitary supporter of the Chennai Super Kings. The others were okay with all my ‘YaY’s and running around when Dhoni had hit those God-like sixes to take us into the semi-finals (whatay match!), but they weren’t going to tolerate any of that against Mumbai and/or Sachin. Strictly speaking, only a fool would shout against Sachin anywhere in India.

So then, CSK had done a really good job and there I was, sitting coolly in a corner of the room smiling just enough to irritate the others in the room. They were looking at the screen, hoping for a miracle when Pollard walked in.

55 runs in three overs with Bollinger getting ready to bowl...

I was confident, but I was slightly scared. They still had Rayudu and Pollard at the crease.  That over went for 22 runs - 4,6,2,4,0,6 – wham bham pow! The world was suddenly beginning to rotate faster than usual and there were celebrations all over the room, with people jumping all around the place going ‘Pollard! Pollard!’ I was staring at my laptop screen just so people didn’t know I was scared. Still tried to keep that smile on my face, but was nearly sure I might be crying at the end of this. Of course, we did lose in 2008 after I’d started celebrating our victory.

‘This isn’t happening’, I kept telling myself.

Albie Morkel stepped in to bowl...One of the more expensive guys in our line up. People started celebrating in Mumbai. Crazy thoughts kept running in my head. ‘20 runs off him and we’d be buried well under the ground’...‘Why did Murali have to finish his four already? Damn, damn, damn’...well, that was the general idea. While Rayudu took two deliveries to get one run, Pollard started the proceedings with a boundary.

Then came the dot ball. 

The crowd on and off the screen were still rooting for Pollard and I was hoping for another dot ball. 5 off 4 deliveries was awesome at this stage. Run out! Run out! Rayudu walked back. Pollard would have had to know magic to win it from there, but of course, people believed that he did. 

And then, he got out. 27 off the last over : No Pollard : ‘Bowling’-er stepping up : Mua ha ha !

I was walking across the room with that smug smile that usually irritated people...no jumping in joy, running around or anything that would get me beaten up. Bollinger finished it quite easily and people were still staring at the screen in disbelief.

Oh yea, baby, We had won.

PS: Wrote this long back but had not posted it anywhere for reasons I can't remember.

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