05 February 2011

Status Check

Around May last year, I was kind of happy but stressed out. I wasn't the greatest writer I knew. Even that guy Tharoor wrote better, they said. I was not sure where I was heading. I thought I needed a vacation, badly. Went ahead and took one.

Six months into the vacation, I realise it's neither relieved any amount of stress nor has it lived up to the hefty price tag. The tour operators kinda hyped it up, the %@$#*s. They've even got a feedback form to be filled tomorrow where they'll know what I think of their arrangements. They're calling it 'mid-term' and I've been filling a whole lot of them for a while now... but I don't see any kind of action based on the feedback, you know.

Ah whatever. What matters is now. I can't think of a better way to spend today. Just drinkin chocolate and watchin sitcoms and movies. 

Oh, and one thing, Mr.God. I hope the world ends by April 2012... coz' I don't even want to think what lies ahead of that.

That will be all.

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