21 March 2011

Macro macro

Macro Macro, looming right
In the morning... Oh the fright!
What immortal hand or eye
Could score in that fearful quiz-ze-ry?

In what distant deeps or biz.
Lay the answers of thine quiz?
On what wings dare I aspire?
What the hell, dare C's the higher?

And what boulder & what dart,
Could you throw right at my heart?
And just when my heart began to beat...
Another quiz? Friggin' neat.

What the answer? what the chain,
In what furnace was my brain?
What the concepts? what dread graphs
Dare its deadly terrors clasp?

When the stars looked down on their peers
Who watered heaven with their tears:
Did he smile his work to see?
Did he who made the book make thee?

Macro Macro, looming right
In the morning... Oh the fright!
What immortal hand or eye
Could score in that fearful quizzery?

A variant of 'The Tiger' by William Blake.

18 March 2011

Crazy day. Really crazy day.

Ok, So I got up to news of two friends getting injured - one of them actually woke me up.

I learnt what crying from your heart means - that was the dream I was in before I woke up - and I am very sure I'll never forget that. Like ever.

I got a personal worst score in the macroeconomics test I so proudly blogged about. Gawd I am scared of it now.

I woke up once again... this time in the library with a book about movies in hand - I know. I don't remember taking that book from the shelves. Also, I went to the library twice in one day - most people don't go there even once. Got several leads on a project I am working on.

I saw a very cool movie that ended a while back, wondering about the looming macro end term in parallel and if I'd pass that subject. Just when I thought I couldn't score any less.

Heard the news that a friend of mine got placed at a different b-school, and that another one got a new job.

Laughed at myself for the thousand plus nth time for joining this college school. And oh, there are like a forty dead honey-bees in the corridor outside my door.

Like a wise man once said, 'This is the best of times, this is the worst of times'.

02 March 2011

Game Theory in Macroeconomics?

I am curious.

Today, I attended a quiz in Macroeconomics... There were ten multiple choice questions, 5 questions that required very short answers and a graph to draw. I, of course, didn't prepare one bit for the exam...as usual.

I set out like solving a Hindu Crossword. For example, there were two questions with similar options.

If A = B, then C or D
If A = 1- B, then C or D

Picked same answer for both in the sense that one of them would be right. The person who corrects it would be obviously confused... 'how could even the dunderhead-est student possibly think that both questions could have the same answer?' ...but that's game theory for them right there. I was somehow trying to get that one mark, one way or the other :)

Even when I worked out what each word in the question paper meant (big bang theory helped. seriously.) and worked out what the answer could be (in vain, of course), it took me about 30 minutes to complete everything - yet, I was the third or fourth student to leave the room.

If one didn't know anything, that's the maximum effort one could have put in the exam hall - 40 minutes (giving 10 more minutes for slow readers). On the other hand, if one knew everything, he would have left in ten minutes or so. So, leaving out the people who give up and leave immediately, the majority of the batch should have left the exam hall between 10 and 40 minutes. But they didn't. They stayed on.

Oh, I never understand these humans.

01 March 2011

Yea Ok

I truly and deeply hate it when there are a gazillion things to do to get a useless degree and you don't want to do any of them. Not one. And the best part is, no other college is any better. Some are far worse off.

Some things I don't like and MBA has:
a) PPTs (presentations)
b) Cases
c) More or less pointless assignments (I think SMBDP assignments would be useful...but I don't understand that stuff)
d) Mandatory attendances
e) Lectures after which I know I learnt nothing
f) People who like all of the above
g) People who don't trust others
h) Closed book Exams
i) Awfully high importance to placements and grades
j) There's nothing here about anything I wanted to learn. All the good stuff, I can do only outside the course hours and stuff (brilliant talks, real projects). This course is about making money. Urm, maybe I took the wrong course and have no right to blame anyone. Whatever.
k) ...and oh, add to it frikkin' lectures at 8 frikkin' AM.

Some things I like and MBA has:
a) Urm..... DC?
b) Not opening a book and still be able to lurch along.
c) Some fun people

Some things I wish MBA had:
a) Any level of focus on real issues. So much so that a prof used to kid, "If I hear anyone tell me 'but in real life', that's all..."
b) Anything that's fun to learn. No, I am not talking about movie making and stuff. Even with interesting subjects, the academic procedures around them make them hell.
c) Want to go out there, change something and say 'See, I did this.'

So people, when you ask 'hey how's college?' and I say 'yea ok', don't push it any further :)

Phoebe: What's with all this negativity?
Nitrodamus: Oh cut the crap already.

Chandler: Can this get any more boring?