18 March 2011

Crazy day. Really crazy day.

Ok, So I got up to news of two friends getting injured - one of them actually woke me up.

I learnt what crying from your heart means - that was the dream I was in before I woke up - and I am very sure I'll never forget that. Like ever.

I got a personal worst score in the macroeconomics test I so proudly blogged about. Gawd I am scared of it now.

I woke up once again... this time in the library with a book about movies in hand - I know. I don't remember taking that book from the shelves. Also, I went to the library twice in one day - most people don't go there even once. Got several leads on a project I am working on.

I saw a very cool movie that ended a while back, wondering about the looming macro end term in parallel and if I'd pass that subject. Just when I thought I couldn't score any less.

Heard the news that a friend of mine got placed at a different b-school, and that another one got a new job.

Laughed at myself for the thousand plus nth time for joining this college school. And oh, there are like a forty dead honey-bees in the corridor outside my door.

Like a wise man once said, 'This is the best of times, this is the worst of times'.

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