09 April 2011

The Jan Lok Pal

Things I like about the movement:

a) It has brought people out of their indifferent lives to at least SAY something about politics.
b) It's always better to have more people getting involved in politics.
c) Intentions to 'make the country better' are commendable.
d) Anna Hazare's determination at this age - Respect.

Things I don't like about the movement:

a) Fasting unto death: I remember the time when I was five or six and my parents refused to buy me some board game. That was the last time I threatened to fast unto death. I am amazed at the no of people who believe that it is a type of non violence. No type of suicide attempt is - and all this sets a bad example. I hope it is not followed by some crazy loon going "Hey, vote for this anti-corruptive leader or I'll die fasting"

b) I guess most people who turned up on the streets are probably literate. It would be awesome if they vote as well. Then, they wouldn't have to worry about not letting the Govt handle everything and give a share of the  ruling power to the public. Doesn't this defeat the very purpose of electing a Government? Here's a fun fact: YOU elected it. YOU decided that voting for one of the two major parties alone would "keep balance" in the state / country. Remember that when you vote in four days.

c) Whatever I like to believe, the hard fact is this - Once this ordeal is over, people will happily go back to their own lives (not saying they shouldn't). Not sure how many are going to follow up and this could end up being as misused as any other law we have. On the other hand, if it does work...even in pieces, I'd be extremely happy.

If only all these people would come out and rally against poor choice of CM/PM/President, poor quality of ration items because of illegal hoarding, high levels of corruption in each and every govt and private organisations etc etc... If only they don't accept those things as a 'way of life'...

d) "Why don't you go out and rally people for all those 'everyday' things?", you might think. That's because solutions are far more difficult for those problems and I keep thinking about them all the time. Let me know if you come up with anything... and it's silly to rally / advertise etc without any point of action.

In any case, if I go around shouting, say, "Stop bribing Traffic Cops and RTOs" or if I sit in front of a ration shop with a "Stop passing stones as rice and sand as sugar" banner, will you join me?

04 April 2011

South Park

Though I'd heard much about this series and have seen Eric Cartman's pic as the profile picture of many a people on Facebook and before that, Orkut, here's one thing I didn't know till I started watching that online.

That show is the very definition of genius.

I am just watching Season 4 now, but to take topics that most people would find offensive to even mention in public, make a show mocking (not mentioning... MOCKING) it and making people laugh at it is pure guts and genius.

And yes, I agree. Eric Cartman rules. "Screw you guys, I'm going to Mumbai."

01 April 2011

The Mobile phone

Flashback, in Eastman Colour:
Location: A Big Classroom, Coimbatore Institute of Technology
Year: 2007

A guy is bored to sleep in the last row of the class, while even in that state, he keeps messaging... The three thoughts in his head at that moment: "Damn, useless class...", "The mobile phone is the best invention of the 20th century. Wireless magic." and "(in four-pieces-style) 100 free messages per day... Not enough..."

Then, a mortein smokeless coil keeps rotating on screen (clockwise, of course (get it?)) till you are brought back to the present.

Present day:
The fan in that room is disturbed by the strong breeze coming in through the window. Even the big moving shadow of that fan on the wall doesn't distract that guy from his thoughts.

He looks at his phone in disbelief. His bank has stopped sending him the 'daily-balance-in-his-account' message. That was the last difference between his phone and an alarm clock.

His Nokia 2690... it is but an alarm clock now.