01 April 2011

The Mobile phone

Flashback, in Eastman Colour:
Location: A Big Classroom, Coimbatore Institute of Technology
Year: 2007

A guy is bored to sleep in the last row of the class, while even in that state, he keeps messaging... The three thoughts in his head at that moment: "Damn, useless class...", "The mobile phone is the best invention of the 20th century. Wireless magic." and "(in four-pieces-style) 100 free messages per day... Not enough..."

Then, a mortein smokeless coil keeps rotating on screen (clockwise, of course (get it?)) till you are brought back to the present.

Present day:
The fan in that room is disturbed by the strong breeze coming in through the window. Even the big moving shadow of that fan on the wall doesn't distract that guy from his thoughts.

He looks at his phone in disbelief. His bank has stopped sending him the 'daily-balance-in-his-account' message. That was the last difference between his phone and an alarm clock.

His Nokia 2690... it is but an alarm clock now.


  1. It cannot be Nokia 2690 it should be Nokia 1100 !!!

  2. It cannot be nokia 2690; it should be nokia 1100