24 June 2011

Trademark Thamizh

Some guy in Mumbai : @^(%(#&(%_*&# (translated into English as 'feels good to see another marati fellow at the workplace')
Team mate at ABG: "Really? TN? Don't tell me! You are Mallu, no?"
Random girl I tried talking to: "You? Thamizh? That too from Chennai? He he, don't pull my leg. Okay, tell me. hmmm, who is the Mayor of Chennai?" (Sigh.)
A fellow IIMB guy after 1+ years: "You're at I-top? Why? All the other mallus stay in G-Top..."

Random person (RP): "Engineering at Coimbatore? Why did you 'go' to TN and all? Didn't you try Pilani or (blah blah)?"
Me: (Two seconds of silence) "Urm... I am from TN."
RP: (many silent seconds before saying) "Oh"

At least, no one has any doubts about my nationality yet.


  1. Enakum indha doubt romba naala irundhuchu. confirm!!!