16 August 2011

What did the poor Villains ever do to you?

I am sick of all the people cheering the movie heroes on in real life.

They get the bigger salaries, they punch other people in the movies, they get to do all kinds of things with the heroine, they get all the songs, the audience claps for their name, cheers them during stunts and punch dialogues, they get most of the screen time in the trailers and the movie itself... In addition to all this, they are also celebrated in real life.

What nonsense.

The villains do all the dirty work. They get paid less, made to wear really stupid costumes, are given very lame dialogues, made to look like brainless idiots, get punched and thrown around, can never get close to the heroine, are usually given a stupid wife, people even clap when they get beaten up! They bring all the magic to the screen (imagine action movies without villains, I say. Simply lame.), never get to travel to switzerland for songs - instead of it - are usually made to sit in one stinking dingy room in local warehouse calling it the villain's hideout, and are only remembered for getting beaten up by words or fists. Very few villains are given more than half the screen time as the hero and after doing all this, they don't have explicit fan clubs either.

Unfair world, this is. Look at Megamind, Dark Knight or even Padayappa. More movies like that, please. And please pay the villains more, God-damm-it. The better the villains are, the better the movie is.

Celebrate the villains.

GrandMaster of all Villainy
(translation: Magaamind)


  1. Anonymous7:39 PM

    i LOVED megamind- the villian also has a persepctive. totally agree with u

  2. hero tho aakhi hero hota hei- yehee bimari hei- kya kare
    yenu madoke agalla[dats kannada if you understand being at blore?]
    gr8 post

  3. @confusedyuppie :)
    @sushma I understand this sentence, at least!

    Thanks for commenting!