05 October 2011

Living in the Past

I've done some totally awesome stuff in my life. Stuff that other normal kids in a middle class atmosphere don't even dream (or at times, know) about. Stuff that makes me wonder if it is possible for one guy to do all that; even with an MBA from an IIM, some of the things from my past will remain just that - the past.

I love most parts of my life. The parts where I was scarred have made me the better person I am today (I hope) - Sad that it should have come at such high costs - but personally (or in other words, selfishly), the person that I am is a sum of everything I was in my life - the good things, the bad things and the downright funny things. I think my heart's already a little weak from all the thrills of life, but what is the point in protecting it for the sixties anyway?

I have secrets only I know about. I think others have their own secrets too, though I'd imagine they'd be at a smaller scale. I've hurt other people. I've been hurt by a few people. I've helped some people. Many more have helped me - there are awesome people in my life who protect me as I take every step of my life - such awesome people many others in this world can only dream to have as family and friends.

"Would I do it all again?" - Something I've been thinking about since getting up today, and something that ended up being a very pointless blog post.

Perhaps a couple of tweaks here and there - I wouldn't hurt some people I ended up hurting,  but overall, yes. It's probably the best 25 years anyone could ever have - and I'm most grateful for that - to God (hey dude!), to my family, to my most awesome friends, to that twisted rumour called fate / destiny.

I'm almost sure God exists. I'm also almost sure destiny doesn't.

Come to think of it, my life is like that of my country (sorry about the insult, India). While infinite possibilities exist for the future of our nation, a glimmer of our glorious past can always be seen in whatever step we take from here.

Should I put up this very personal but not at all explanatory rant? Or should this just be another post that lives its life as a draft?

Thought about it for a second: Meh!

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