18 September 2012


Yea, yea, I have not blogged for a really long time now.

For all this while, I was waiting for something interesting to happen in my life. Given I spend most of my time at office or working outside office (from home, coimbatore and the like), there was nothing to blog about.

Wait. I am not sure if I am allowed to blog about work, but then, I'd not be interested in doing that anyway.

So what happened today, you ask?

Yet another accident from which I escaped with little to no spilt blood. The autorickshaw in which I was travelling was not as lucky.

A cab rammed into us from behind and I was thrown forward to the driver's seat - the driver hit his head on the front glass and the autorickshaw crashed into the median, shattering the glass. The vehicle, of course, is no longer fit to be driven.

I am mildly surprised that my laptop and phone are still working. 
Manage-able 'Spinus Painus' for now, but relispray would take care of it, no?