26 November 2012

The One With the Untold Story

The Greatest turning point in any guy's life is something he never talks about.

It's usually a love story.
Seen a million movies, I have.
It's rarely a Win, but mostly a Loss. Or Worse.

'What could be worse?', you might think,
'...and how does it affect him?'

In the same way it happened.
Or, in this case, didn't.

He obsessed, He dreamed,
He changed, He surrendered,
He believed...But then,
It never happened.

Nothing ever happened.

His obsession mocked him from beyond his reach...
Drugs laughing at a dizzy addict.
His dreams shattered, rocking his very existence.
The pieces were lost.

After all this, he couldn't even identify himself.
Of course, Sherlock, He had changed.
The one in the mirror was not him.
This was a person he'd hoped she would like.

It's a sad, sad story, yes.

Life, to him, has been on Mute since.
He'd lost his sound track - Her.
Oh, She didn't even know!
She doesn't know...or so he hopes.
The alternate possibility eats him from within.

A seemingly insignificant pebble was thrown at his heart once.
It broke him. Entirely.
His willingness to fight.
His willingness to live.

Now, he breathes in.
And Out.
But he does not live.
He feels nothing.

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