21 December 2012

Mythos - Update

Going on slowly. Word count for the day is at an embarrassing 300, but did a lot of research today on things that are not even that important for the book. Spent most of the day researching Egyptian & Slavic Gods.

Running into roadblocks here and there. But moving forward with each of them.

From a Croatian folk song on Perun - an old Slavic God - that's been running again and again in my head.

"...He grabbed three golden apples
And threw them high into the sky...
...Three lightning bolts burst from the sky,
One struck at two young grooms,
Another struck at pasha on a horse,
The third one struck six hundred wedding guests,
Not an eyewitness left
Not even to say how they died."

Modifying Griffith's legendary translated words used to refer to his Hindu version,
"He, Oh men, is Perun."

Another one on Amun:
"The Lord of Thebes spends not a whole day in anger; His wrath passes in a moment; none remains. His breath comes back to us in mercy..May your ka be kind; may you forgive; It shall not happen again."

I must add that I am so tempted to make it a book of poetry rather than a novel.
Some of the these poems I come across physically affect me!

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