21 July 2013

Ship of Theseus, A Review? A Rant?

  • Aswin Sambamurthy

    cinematography - beyond good. If I make a movie in this life and I get to work with that quality of lighting / camera work, I'd cry out of sheer happiness.
    some actors - jaw-drop-level good. esp the monk.
  • Aswin Sambamurthy

    the monk's suffering, however, is best left to himself. or a mere minute can be enough.
    ten minutes of suffering? "what dafuq did i sign up to watch" level.
    deliberate attempt at slow scenes - ok, can adjust. director's freedom.
    the story sucked.
    the message was good, even necessary.
    the story sucked.
    the last ten minutes were for some feel good part.
    all of us knew exactly what was gng to happen, and it did.
  • Aswin Sambamurthy

    i am not saying, or rather, I don't have any rights to say it shouldn't have been
    but i didn't like the ending.
    i felt the attempt was, for the lack of a better word, average.
  • Aswin Sambamurthy

    I do not think art movies are great by default
    A book I write appeals to me. I write for myself. Everyone writes for himself.
    When that happens, it's called art, imo.
    When it appeals to everyone else, it's called great
    This won't.
    Godfather did.
  • Aswin Sambamurthy

    In a weird way, Dark Knight did.
  • Aswin Sambamurthy

    Fight Club did that with a grin.
    V for Vendetta defined it for me. Midnight in Paris was fantastic. The Man from Earth reached new levels.
  • Aswin Sambamurthy

    I felt this was more like Modern art.
    It is, imo, for people who'd make a mountain out of a mole.
    If people sign up for organ donation after watching this, I'd feel happy that organs are being donated and sad that this movie made them do it.
    I still think this is better than many other movies out there. I just don't think it is get up and clap level  like some worl-famous reviewers say.
    -- Too lazy to write one. Pasting from chat. 


  1. Being from the field i would dis-agree with your point of cinematography.I think it was way bad.I mean for using a DSLR the cinematographer could and should have got way better shots.The whole movie was like a visual nightmare for me.

  2. Hello Rahul.

    Well, I loved the camera angles for certain scenes. And the lighting for, say, the monk's intro scenes.

    Several minor effects also left me smiling. At the hospital, as the stock trader closes the door behind him, the camera goes as if it goes through the glass. This may be common, but I felt it was a good touch at that point. We were really following the guy as long as there was a way for light to pass through.

    As to the technical quality of cinematography, I know nothing. I can only comment on what effect it had on me.

    It had its negatives too. I didn't like the one-minute-long shot of a grassfield for no reason. I don't know why the cave explorer scene was so badly shot, as in, it was almost like none of the makers knew anything about it and covered it up by showing just a couple of frames.