14 November 2013

How do you define a bad day?

Warning: This is a Rant. Move on to older / newer posts if you don't care for it.

Does a bad day start with a weird idea like changing your wireless router's password at 1 AM?

...Thinking that the unusually slow internet speed these past few days is probably because of someone else using it. But yea, you don't remember the login for

What should you do then? 'Stop thinking crazy and go to sleep' sounds like a good idea. Do NOT reset modem settings. Now, you don't know the username password to connect to BSNL and online solutions are not working. Bad donuts, no internet for you. You should go back in the evening and do something about it, sigh.

That's not a terrible start, no? Just some craziness. So you switch on 2G net on the phone at 2 AM to check just what the heck went wrong with the modem. In about half an hour of usage (ie. one chrome browser to google all the modem stuff), you lose 100+Rs of balance and your phone is suddenly out of balance as well.

Still, you should just go to sleep and stop coming up with something even worse. You sleep at 4 after all this, get up late, hurry to go to work but you end up in the slowest autorickshaw in town. While you manage to overtake several stationary vehicles, bikes overtake you...when they are braking. You get really pissed off when a guy walks quickly past the auto. The auto-driver gives you his Nokia phone and says 'it doesn't work.Help.' You switch it off, switch it back on and It works properly like Windows (Microsoft effect?). Before you could feel a little good about your (ahem) technique's success, the guy starts calling someone on the phone eagerly and lets the auto hit the vehicle in front of it. Random multi-lingual swearing and time-wasting ensues.

That's not so bad, though, but when you're at a traffic signal and the doofus in the next vehicle decides to fling cigarette ash out his driver seat and onto your hand more than a foot away (it gets on your nerves literally - the heat, that is), it takes all your willpower to not shout at him, and while brushing the ash away, you notice a worm on you. That's right. Turn around and the autowallah has a bunch of vegetables behind the passenger seat which, naturally, has a few worms. You get rid of that worm and sit in one corner. But then, till you reach your office or maybe even later, you're not really sure if there are any more on you.
 Congrats, your optimism about Thor's day is almost at the cleaners. Hope you will get out of this mood and concentrate better on work after eating - which you realise you last did yesterday afternoon, if you discount the plate of onion rings n cold coffee you had around 8 PM.

There are people having a worse day with life-threatening issues, you suppose. But what do I think? I think it's better if people stay away from you today - because somehow, somewhere, one Mjolnir Smash is definitely on the cards. The odds are 2:1 at the moment.

Here's to the rest of the day.

Hope I fix the damn router.
Hope I get to restart work on the book at night to make up for this.
...and while we're at it, Hope I get a gir, nah, who am I kidding?