21 January 2014

Have you heard this before?

So, I recently saw this video and felt it must be shared as much as possible. Some genius at work, this.

When I share this, instead of looking at what can be done with the relics of Technology, people start wondering if the Imperial March is 'really that simple'.

For you lot, I present this.

Didn't listen to it on Headphones? Tsk Tsk.


  1. Sheer brilliance! And I did listen with headphones. The music has sort of seeped into my grey cells, and I feel I can hear it all the time :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thx for the comment, BDG (same sentiment as that 'comment-here' post of yours) :)

    Weirdly enough, this song is kinda special to me. Whenever I used to be scared as a kid, I'd play the Imperial March in my head to try and get the required courage.

  3. Haha! So you did read THAT, eh? Well, since you didn't leave any, I was definitely not persuasive enough :)