26 October 2016

Book Review: Skyfire (2016), by Aroon Raman

The first Aroon Raman book I've read. Met expectations. I'm going to read the others he's written.

The book started off with two very different issues - child trafficking & weather manipulation - and managed to tie them up well. A well told story in all, with none of the characters resorting to superhuman stunts - keeping the action sequences believable. The plot & story direction was quite predictable from the initial chapters, but it was still fun to read. 

Despite the book being a part of a series involving the lead characters, the author has ensured that it's a fine standalone read on its own - which is great. Bringing in a character from the previous book (Shadow Throne), explaining who he is & not including him in the rest of the book was weird.

The occasional Hindi kept reminding me that this was a local novel. If not for some typos & incorrect phrasing, it'd have been a complete immersive experience. 

The standard ego of the villain that makes him explain all his plans to the heroes, and his absolute refusal to just kill them applies in this book too. Not a fan of that personally. The mentioned reasons didn't work for me. Just shoot them all down already.

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PS:  I'm also thinking of blogging about my Quillr-building experience soon. Is there anything you want me to write about?