22 June 2009

Crying in the rain

Some say Charlie chaplin said,
"Cry in the rain coz others can't know".
I have been having it in the head,
since I got problems of my own.

I see crime and injustice
and I'm powerless to stop them all...
no one understands till the problem's his.
True in my case, this is my call.

I will fight them, the honest way
I will fight them, through the years.
I will improve, day by day
Till I end all undeserving tears.

All my other thoughts have gone down the drains,
I have decided to do or die trying.
but today, like Charlie, I cry in the rains,
what if someone gets to see me crying?

- An amateur attempt by "Poruthadhu podhum" endru mudiveduthor sangam.

You don't realize the gravity of every issue until you face it. Every human being has to rise to stop all the individual problems faced by so many innocents all over the world.

I have decided to, have you?


  1. Anonymous8:02 PM

    chanceless da....Well said...Hope the lines inspire many!!!

  2. Naalu perukku nallathu pannanum na ehtuvum thappu illa da ... :-D